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Air drying device classification
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Flash dryer is a kind of convection drying, also known as "Instant dry." In the drying process of materials dispersed in gas heating and complete transport and drying 2 functions. Due to the material to be dried evenly suspended in fluid, contact area, the enhancement of heat and mass transfer process.
Air drying device classification
1.1 a simple straight tube
This is the first and currently the most widely used in pneumatic drying, its simple structure, easy to manufacture. The study found that, heat and mass transfer is the most effective length 2~3M upward at the inlet, it also develops high 4~6m short tube dryer only. Latter in chemical, building materials some of the materials on the evaporation of surface water is widely used.
1.2 inverted Cone
Inverted cone Jet dryers with airflow drying tube diameter increased structure and gas velocities decreasing from bottom to top, of different particle size of tubes of different heights separately suspended. Wet materials in drying process of moisture removed gradually lighter, materials that float upwards, crashing until the size and degree of drying required when the airflow out of the drying tube, which increase the residence time of particles in the pipe, reducing the drying tube height.
1.3 pulse-
Pulsed airflow drying tube diameter alternate shrinking and expanding, particle velocity is speed up and slow down Alternately, air and the relative velocity between the particle and heat area is larger, so as to enhance heat transfer and mass transfer rate. Currently 3 kinds of pulsed airflow drying device, straight pipe expansion-shrinkage type pulse tube, tapered pulse tube and s-type pulse tube.
1.4 casing
Tube dryer the drying tube is not a simple single-layer pipe, but consisting of internal and external casing, be divided into single and double casing. Single casing material and airflow while the lower part of the inner tube into the, tube, particle acceleration, accelerated upon termination, imported by inner tube top tubes in the annulus. Particle velocity is smaller in the annulus, then drained. This drying method can reduce the drying tube height and increase thermal efficiency.
1.5 other types
In addition to the above several types, and cyclone style, spout, revolving Flash type, ring type dryer, venturi tube, Vortex-type.