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Belt dryer features and structure of belt type drying equipment
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Belt drying equipment features:
Batch production continuous type dry; for breathable sex better of tablets-like, and article-like, and block or star-like material of dry; for dehydration vegetables, and medicine pieces, class containing water rate high, and and material temperature not allows high of material is right; on dehydration filter cake class of cream-like material, to made grain or made Rod-like Hou also dry; with type dry machine has dry speed fast, and evaporation strength high, and products quality good of advantages.
Working principle of belt type drying equipment:
Material from the feeder on evenly over the mesh-belt, mesh 12~60 mesh stainless steel screen, moved by the drive device drag inside the dryer. Dryer is composed of several modules, each module independent cycle of hot air, part of exhaust gas discharged by special wet exhaust fan, each when unit emissions control valve control. Hot air from the top down or from the bottom up through the network of covered items with complete heat and mass transfer process and take away the moisture. Network with slow-moving, the speed can be freely adjusted according to temperature, drying the product of continuous falling into in your feeder. Cycle unit equipped with flexibly according to user needs, elements can also be selected according to need.
Structure of belt type drying equipment:
(1), single-stage belt type drying equipment: material to be dried by the feed end of the charging device is evenly distributed to the lost zone. Conveyor belts are usually made of perforated stainless steel sheet, gearbox driven by the motor can be speed. Dry inside the often divided into several units to allow independent control of operating parameters, optimization. Drying sections there is a separation between sections, no drying cycle.
(2), multiple v-belt type drying equipment: multi-stage drying is essentially made up of several single-stage dry series, and its operation principle and single-level dryer of the same.
(3), multi-layer belt type drying equipment: multiple belt dryer for drying speed lower, longer drying time, which maintains a constant during the entire drying process operating conditions. Set partition to organize the directional flow of the dried medium, material to be dried evenly. Multilayer with dry land, simple structure, is widely used for drying grain material. But since the operation is repeated loading and unloading, and therefore does not apply to dry and sticky conveyors and fragmentation is not allowed for the item.
(4), impact-type belt type drying equipment: the shock belt machine is suitable for drying textiles, tobacco, coating the surface of the substrate and other sheet materials. Impact machine is usually made up of two conveyor belts. Impact machine can be divided into independent control unit. Drying after humidifying, partial discharge, the other part returns mixed with fresh cycle again after drying medium.