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Centrifugal Spray Dryers Performance Characteristics and Working Principle
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Spray dryer specific types, there are two are more common and commonly used, one is the centrifugal spray dryers, the second is the pressure spray dryer. However, in order to let everyone have a good learning effect, and will not confuse them, the following, will be centrifugal spray dryers knowledge to work in order to achieve the above objectives, and at the same time, we can be familiar with the specific types of spray dryer.

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1. Centrifugal spray dryer performance characteristics
Performance characteristics 1: the liquid drying speed, because it is after the atomization and then dry, so you can greatly increase the contact area, at the same time, with hot air flow and efficient contact, and then speed up the drying rate.
Performance characteristics 2: liquid after centrifugal spray dryer drying, the finished product, the quality is very good, and, in terms of purity, solubility and mobility, is also very good.
Performance characteristics 3: the operation is simple and convenient, easy to control, in the production process, is not very complicated.

2. Centrifugal spray dryer  working principle
Air, into the air distributor after passing through the filter and heater, making it into a spiral of hot air and then into the dryer. And the material to be dry, it is by the liquid tank and filter, etc., into the centrifugal atomizer, and it becomes mist droplets. In this way, it can be fully contacted with hot air, and quickly dried, and then dried into finished products, discharged by the cyclone. And the resulting exhaust, there are fans discharged.

3. Centrifugal spray dryer electrical control requirements
Centrifugal spray dryer, in the electrical control, there are some requirements, but which, the main thing is: the dryer in the electrical components, should be used to ensure the quality of the product, and, in the use of products on the safety performance , Should meet the relevant standards and requirements, otherwise, can not be used.

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