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Centrifugal Spray Dryers Separator and Working Process
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Centrifugal spray dryers in the use of the process of drying its speed is very fast, the material through its atomization after the surface area will be greatly increased, centrifugal spray dryer in the hot air flow, the moment can Evaporation of its 98% of the water, to complete the drying time only 5-15 seconds.

Centrifugal spray dryers with its special sub-wind device, in the course of the use of the equipment to effectively reduce the resistance, in the use of the effective use of the dryer to provide the wind, the production process is simplified, in the use of continuous control for the production of a Drying into powder, reduce crushing, screening and other processes to improve product purity.

Centrifugal spray dryer in the course of its material in a short time to complete its drying process, it is very suitable for its heat-sensitive materials, dry, in the course of the use of the material can effectively maintain the color, smell and taste.

Centrifugal spray dryers in the course of the work, the air is mainly through its filter and heater, effectively into the top of the equipment of the air distributor, the equipment of hot air was evenly into the dryer, the material from the material The tank is pumped by a centrifugal nebulizer pumped to the top of the dryer.

Centrifugal spray dryer in the use of the process need to correctly adjust the air intake and exhaust pressure of the machine, mainly after the equipment in the finished product moisture is high, in the run when the dry effect is poor caused by the possibility of this situation A lot of material, drying temperature, air volume, heating area and so may have an impact.

Centrifugal spray dryers in the whole process of operation, the production process is very simple, for its users, the use of the process can effectively save some of the middle of the production process. If the moisture content of the liquid between 40% to 60%, then the pressure spray dryer can be dried into a powder product, and no further crushing and screening, improve product purity.


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