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Durable and High-precision Air Flow Dryer
- Mar 24, 2017 -
Air Flow Drier  Basic Info
  • Structure:Air Flow Drier

  • Operational Method:Continuous

  • Operation Pressure:Atmospheric Dryer

  • Heating Mode:Transmission

  • Movement Way:Agitation

  • Trademark:Kaae

  • Specification:600*3000

  • Origin:Wuxi China

Product Description
(1). Process of Drier
Material Loading----Funnel Drier----Material Unloading
(2) Composition
It mainly consists of Oil Burning Hot Blast Stove, Funnel Drier, Duster, Control Box, Pipelines, etc.
(3) Configuration:
Oil Burning Hot Blast Stove Centrifugal Fan 380V50Hz 5.5kw, Material Loading Discharger 380V50Hz 550W, Material Unloading Discharger 380V50Hz 1.5kw, Burner 22V50Hz 300W
(4) Description:
This equipment is the type of automatic control. Carbon black grains are sent to Material Loading Mouth by conveyor belt. Material Feed-in is controlled by Material Discharger, and it just meets the need of drying. Material comes into Funnel Drier, Oil Burning Hot Blast Stove sends hot wind of 170 degree into Drier, it quickly goes though net hole of Drier Net Plate and is fully touched with material, and it takes the water of material into Duster. Material Unloading Frequency Conversion Controls the speed of unloading material to make material dry.

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