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Fluidized bed dryer how to wash?
- Feb 13, 2017 -

In the fluidized bed drying equipment in actual use, a lot of people will be fluidized bed drying equipment CIP and WIP conceptual confusion. WIP is the fluidized bed dryer after partial dismantling for disassembly are not removable part of the automatic cleaning and CIP are all the parts without dismantling, full automatic cleaning, this parameter is required for cleaning validation. Here we analyze the configuration of CIP and WIP. Flow of bed dry equipment of CIP need separate configuration a process hot system, specifically for high-speed rotating wet legal grain machine and flow of bed dry equipment service, hot system of control and inflow of bed of PLC system, all parameter, and equipment are requirements in PLC for control, control of parameter or action has water electromagnetic valve, and liquid bit control, and steam into steam electromagnetic valve, and heating temperature, and cycle pump, and water pressure, project, in clean validation Shi will process parameter for store, in actual production Shi can directly repeat using can. CIP in fluidized bed drying equipment based on actual needs, in base concealed inlet, cylinder, upper part of the filter, exhaust pipe to establish a rotating sprinkler, fluidized beds taken over early on the Panel wash water, hot water, purified water a few interfaces, online cleaning can be carried out according to the procedures set, with insufficient water pressure alarm function. In actual use, fluidized bed drying equipment can't make sense of the CIP, CIP has some risks, cannot effectively clean filter bags, filter bags for dry, is not easy to clean inlet screen, which requires rigorous, comprehensive cleaning validation. Fluidized bed dryer cleaning of external equipment is relatively simple, as long as the regular cleaning and maintenance on the line. Dryer interior cleaning, clean the door should open, with a long broom sweep bottom of funnel-shaped aggregates, open the discharge valve, rinse with tap water tower. Dust removal in cyclones, also needs to open cyclone, with a broom cleaning set and, if necessary, also need to be washed. Bag filters cleaning, should open a control switch, the beat, and then open the cleaning door, hit the bag and finally replace filter bag. For the cleaning of slurry pipeline system, should open the drain valve of bidirectional filter cleaning filters filters and pipes, and then open the feed pump with water, cleaning the pump tube, regulator bags and pipes.