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Fluidized bed drying equipment of energy saving
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Fluidized bed drying equipment of energy saving
Fluidized bed dryer is the basic principle of heated air convection makes damp granule into boiling, hot air evaporates the water or organic menstruum take realized wet granular-drying, which involves air handling problems.
At present, many manufacturers of air handling units configured as: filter-electric heating (heat or steam)-fan-filter-in fluidized bed dryers, it is so simple. Obviously, this has great relationships with users ' needs and user requirements and the manufacturer's configuration is also low, here we only GEA of fluidized bed granulation line, for example, to talk about the relation between configuration and energy-saving. Air processing unit configuration and parameter requirements:
(1) air inlet temperature and humidity can be adjusted to the technological requirements of the parameters, t 80 ℃, RH 20%;
(2) chilled water cooling and dehumidifying, coil with copper tubes, aluminium fins, chilled water chilled water technology system chilled water temperature 7~12℃;
(3) the heater heat for industrial steam, pressure and temperature to be given consumption requirements;
(4) filter (G4+F8+H13) three-stage filter, H13 needed PAO leak testing, validation, testing, replacement of time stated;
(5) body requirements: in the inner wall of stainless steel plates with high performance, efficient for galvanized steel sheet before, anti-cooling panels with thermal insulation;
(6) cold water and steam out of PLC electric valve and pneumatic valve according to the set temperature and humidity automatic control;
(7) G4, F8, H13, a pressure difference display device, and has pressure alarm in PLC (differential pressure is not displayed on the PLC);
(8) the easy filter replacement and disassemble;
(9) the configuration table cooler drain traps, water collector made of 304 stainless steel, no leakage, drainage and smooth, set the Pan without water;
(10) air outlet configuration electric regulating valve, the opening can be controlled by PLC.
This is our on air handling unit (AHU) configuration request,
Believes that domestic manufacturers can meet these requirements, if manufacturing equipment made in accordance with the requirements will reduce the quality of pharmaceutical production risks, then details of the verification file, it will further enhance the technology content of equipment.
At the same time meet the GMP requirements, we should fully take into account the energy here, cold water link involves cream Preheat function dehumidifiers, heats, fluidized-bed-tube body negative pressure to maintain. According to URS, if defrost preheating is not needed, you can cancel the settings for this feature, otherwise both increased investments and increase air resistance, increase the energy consumption. Cold dehumidifying with a steam heater adopts PLC automatic control of solenoid valves, set air temperature and humidity, d conventional fluidized bed drying parameters to 11g/M3, and t-80 ℃, fluidized bed into the air and exhaust through the PLC on canister vacuum and automatically adjust the intake valves and exhaust valves are set. According to FDA of requirements, air conditioning processing unit of three level filter device very key, domestic equipment is exists larger of risk main reasons on is filter device problem, filter device of selection is important, must clear description filter device of specifications model, G4, and F8, and H13 must meet international General standard, cannot figure price cheap casually used no spinning cotton making, or will exists larger of quality risk, certainly standard of filter device will increased air flow of resistance, but we of premise is first to meet quality requirements.
Flow of bed run Shi, internal of particles movement of track and air hot Exchange also has close of contact, currently usually is bottom of air blow up, makes particles is convection-like, particles in air stay of time is particles within water evaporation of time, GEA manufacturing of flow of bed dry equipment bottom used fish squamous out outlet, makes particles in tube within is spiral-like increased, effective to increased has streamlines of length and and air hot exchange of time, full using has energy.