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High Efficiency Fluidizing Drier/Fluid Bed Drying Equipment/Horizontal Fluid Bed
- Feb 28, 2017 -

Basic Info
Application: Granular
Operating Pressure: Atmospheric
Condition: New
Good Price: Experienced After Sale Service
Professional Manufacturer: Expienced After Sale Service
Delivery: 30days
Trademark: DATANG
Type: Fluid Bed Drying Equipment
Fuel: Coal
Fluid Bed Drying Equipment Type: Horizontal Fluid Bed
Professional Manufacturering: Strong Technical Power
Package: Wooden Case
Min Order: 1set
Origin: China Wuxi

Product Description
High Efficiency Fluidizing Drier/Fluid Bed Drying Equipment/Horizontal Fluid Bed
As a professional fluidized bed dryer manufacturer, Datang provides vertical fluidizing dryer and high efficiency boiling dryer for your selection. The heated and filtered air is guided into by the draught fan and passed through the screen plate of the hopper. In the working room, the air forms to fluidization state through mixing and negative effect. The moisture will be quickly evaporated and removed, and the materials can be rapidly dried.
1.       This fluidized bed dryer can be used for screw extrusion particles and swing granules.
2.       High efficiency boiling dryer is used to dry wet materials and powdery materials in medicine, food, health care products, feed, pesticide, chemical and other fields.
3.       This drying machine is suitable for drying large particles, small block and viscous granular materials.
4.       This fluidized bed dryer also can be used for the materials whose volumes will change when drying, such as konjac and polyacrylamide.
1.       High efficiency boiling dryer adopts prototype structure, its interior is fine polished in order to avoid dead angle.
2.       The hopper with mixing function can avoid forming channel when wet materials are agglomerated and dried.
3.       This fluidized bed dryer uses overturning discharge method, which is easy and convenient to unload the materials. The automatic feed and discharge system can be designed with your requirements.
4.       GFG high efficiency boiling dryer has rapid drying rate and uniform temperature, so the drying time of each batch is about 20 to 60 minutes.

5.       This fluidized bed dryer operates under closed negative pressure, and the air flow is filtered. Therefore, this machine is easy to handle and convenient to clean.

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