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Horizontal Powder Dryer Characteristics and Advantages
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Dryers are widely used in the current industrial field. In different situations, different types of dryers are required due to the different properties of the material or the different equipment. Take the powder as an example, which has a very good dryer called horizontal powder dryer, the machine has become the field of industrial powder one of the most commonly used drying equipment.

The so-called powder, generally refers to the ultra-fine materials. Therefore, taking into account the characteristics of this material, in the drying process, generally require a high closed operating environment, so as not to contaminate the surrounding environment. Horizontal powder dryer is a horizontal cylinder structure, both ends parallel. The equipment is mainly composed of a roller, cylinder, cylinder head and cylinder tail together to form a professional dry environment.

Since the entire process of the horizontal powder dryer is in a closed operating state, it can be applied to different material operations. At the same time with some advanced technology applications, and strengthen the heat transfer effect of the device to make its work more efficient and fast, but also to meet the requirements of large quantities of dry.

In the horizontal powder dryer operating process, the general use of materials in its internal high-speed rotary motion, and because the powder material itself has ultra-fine characteristics, so the body also at the same time by the centrifugal force, collision and friction and other height Decentralized. As a result, the contact between the material and the hot air becomes more adequate, thus ensuring the work of the finished material and quality.

In addition, the use of horizontal powder dryer, you can also according to the properties of different materials, choose to configure a different special device, this way, you can also solve the special material discoloration, coking and other issues, The effect of personalized service.

horizontal powder dryer

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