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Horizontal Spray Dryer Attribute Description and Its Main Features
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Spray dryer, which is a professional point of view, it is a large category in the dryer, and it is a lot of species and widely used. So the following, will be for the horizontal spray dryer this specific type, to carry out its understanding, so that we first familiar with this kind of spray dryer.

1. Horizontal spray dryer, which in the spray dryer, with the corresponding species, which one? In addition, what are the specific types of spray driers?
Horizontal spray dryer, which corresponds to the type in the spray dryer, is one for the vertical spray dryer. In the spray dryer, in addition to horizontal and vertical can be divided into two, but also can have centrifugal, pressure and co-current and so on. Therefore, we can according to the actual situation and needs, to select the appropriate type.

Horizontal spray dryer.jpg

2. Horizontal spray dryer This kind of spray dryer, its characteristics, what?
Horizontal spray dryer characteristics, the specific terms, it is the following, is:

(1) Due to the conventional spray dryer, it is possible to dry almost all of the solution, such as emulsions and suspensions, and the like, and it is also possible to dry the heat sensitive material. Therefore, the same applies to horizontal spray dryers. And, its drying speed, can be instant dry, just a few seconds, you can.

(2) use horizontal spray dryer for drying, then do not use strict filtration equipment. If the material does not contain non-fibrous liquid, then, there is no obstruction of the material flow channel this problem. Therefore, if the liquid viscosity is high, the same applies.

(3) This kind of dryer, its production capacity, dry after the finished product quality, therefore, its high efficiency. In addition, during its drying process, its material temperature is not higher than the air wet bulb temperature. Therefore, it is very suitable for food, medicine, biological products and fuel. Moreover, it is also possible to ensure a good drying effect.

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