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Horizontal Spray Dryer Features
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Horizontal spray dryer drying faster, the material after the atomization, the surface area will be greatly increased, so that it is in the hot air flow which will instantly evaporate 95% - 98% of the water, the horizontal spray dryer drying time is concerned, in fact, it takes a few seconds, in fact, that is particularly suitable for heat-sensitive materials in the dry.

Horizontal spray dryer

Then, in terms of the horizontal spray dryer, it will actually have a better uniformity or mobility and solubility, the purity of the product itself is relatively high, the quality is also very good. On its production process will be relatively simple, operational control will be very convenient. For its moisture content is 40-60% (special materials up to 90%) of the liquid, on this point, we actually have to pay attention to it can be dried into a powder product, after drying is not Need to be crushed or screened.

For such a horizontal spray dryer in the production of the time, it will be on the process will be reduced, so that, to a certain extent, that is, directly to improve the purity of the product itself. For the product size, bulk density, there is the water, in a certain range which is able to change the operating conditions to adjust to its control and management will be more convenient.

Speaking of horizontal spray dryer, it is in fact it will have a cold jacket; then, on the equipment itself is actually equipped with automatic rapping device; followed by its equipment, piping In fact, it will be equipped with quick open cleaning hole and its sewage hole.

Finally, the horizontal spray dryer also has an automatic control of the thermostat feeding tank; then, that is, will include a manual high-pressure washing tower random accessories; Moreover, the horizontal spray dryer and material contact parts That is, will be made of stainless steel materials; for its material collection in terms of words, that is, will use two cyclones dust collector, or a cyclone dust collector and wet dust collector.

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