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Horizontal Spray Dryer Performance In The Drying Efficiency And Safety
- Jun 30, 2017 -

The current type of drying equipment, functional and drying effects are also different, but in many of these drying equipment, horizontal type dryer is very promising. This has a lot to do with its excellent characteristics, but to promote the development of horizontal spray dryer, there are many problems to be overcome.

Compared with other drying equipment, horizontal spray dryer drying speed, the material after the atomization of the surface area greatly increased in the hot air flow instantly evaporate the vast majority of water, greatly reducing the drying time, especially for In the heat-sensitive materials dry.

Not only that, the horizontal spray drier also has good uniformity, mobility and solubility, through its dry product of high purity, good quality. The key is the operation of the horizontal spray dryer control is very convenient, and dry without grinding and screening, reduce the production process, improve product purity.

Horizontal dryer in addition to excellent and efficient drying effect, but also show the characteristics of high security, especially for organic solvents containing dry material. General organic solvents will be flammable and explosive characteristics, so the ordinary drying equipment is clearly not applicable.

In this case, the horizontal dryer machine can circulate the material in a closed dry system, and the entire system is filled with a safe inert gas to avoid contact with organic gas and external oxygen to ensure safe production.

Of course, behind these, horizontal spray dryer energy consumption is relatively large, so companies need to invest a larger, which for the general small and medium enterprises can not be achieved naturally. So to ordinary horizontal spray dryer, then need to work hard.

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