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How to resolve a series of failures in the dryer?
- Feb 13, 2017 -

When drying drying problem occurs when we should be found from the following three aspects: 1, dryer regeneration and cooling Dryer's moisture absorption capacity is limited, so it's moisture absorption must be cleared through regeneration. The process is: when the ambient air is inhaled through a filter into the blower, then was sent to a group of heaters. The heated air through a drying machine. When the dryer's temperature rises, releasing moisture adsorption. As the hot air after absorbing water vapor saturation, it is released into the atmosphere. High temperature regenerative dryer returns dry loops must be cooled before, can restore the dryer's moisture absorption function. Dew point readings can help find some problems, so it should monitor the drying process of drying air dew point values. During normal operation of the dryer dew point readings should be within the scope of 20Of~50of in a straight line, of course, replace the dryer caused by small fluctuation is normal. If the dryer functioning, the entrance of dry air dew point should be lower than the return air outlet dew point at least 30oF. The other hand, the dryer after the replacement, dew point peaking at once, that cool enough before the dryer into, making it unable to absorb moisture, cooling dryer dew point will fall below normal. If the dryer cools properly, it will lead to peak temperature, temperature shocks will reduce the desiccant on polymers, amorphous polyester and nylon brand of heat-sensitive materials such as drying capacity. Drying machine replacement if the dew point readings are normal, but in the dryer before the end of the drying cycle the dew point quickly rise, description of ambient air may get into the closed air circuit, causing dryer moisture too early. Another possibility is that dryer regeneration to incomplete or contaminated. If the dew-point reading and return air dew point reading is close, that completely ineffective or desiccant, angry road suffered serious pollution. 2, dry conditions Check the drying machine, paying particular attention to air filters and hoses. Blocked filters or collapsing hose will reduce the airflow and affect dryer operation; damaged filters contaminated desiccant, inhibit its hygroscopic capacity; ruptured hose may bring moist ambient air to the drying in air, causing desiccant moisture absorption and a high dew point too early; poor insulation hose silo can also affect the drying temperature and drying. 3, dry gas In the dry gas, should be at the bunker entrance test drying temperature, to compensate for the heat loss in a dryer hose. Silo entrance air temperature is low, may be due to improper adjustment of the controller and the lack of insulation, or is the heater elements, heater contactor, thermocouples or controller has failed. In addition, monitoring during the entire drying in drying temperature, observe the temperature fluctuations of desiccant replacement is also very important. If the items are not properly from behind the dryer out dry, you should check if the drying hopper is large enough to provide adequate and effective drying time. Effective drying time refers to the particle is actually exposed in proper drying temperature and dew point in the time. If the particle residence time in the silo is not, and will not get the proper drying. So, should pay attention to the size and shape of particles or grinding materials, they will affect the drying of bulk density and length of stay. A kink in hose or clogged filters can restrict air flow and affect the dryer's performance. So, if you check the dryer when he did not find the problem, you cannot judge the adequacy of air. At this point, there is a fast, simple and accurate way to detect whether the dryer air flow sufficient, which measure material vertical temperature profile in the drying hopper. Assume that material suppliers recommended drying time for 4H, 100lb/h (1lb=0.4536kg). To determine adequacy of the dryer air flow, you can measure the temperature in the drying hopper curve, here, paying special attention to in the 4H (400lb) the temperature. If drying silos within the 400lb level, the temperature reaches the set value, then you can think that flow is sufficient. If only in the drying hopper 1h, 2H or 3h material is fully heated, suggests that cannot finish the Middle gas flow rate of material heating and drying. Insufficient heating may indicate that this productivity, drying hopper is too small, or if your air filter plug or hose damage is limited. Volume too big problems will arise, not only wastes energy, and cause the return air temperature is high, the failure performance of desiccant. Return air filter can prevent the filamentous materials contaminated desiccant, its moisture absorption. The filter must be kept clean to ensure adequate air flow. When the dry air from the top of the dryer when it is already released most of the heat. When the temperature of drying agent in the 120of~150oF range, most dryers can work effectively and efficiently. If the return air dryer overheats, it will reduce its ability to adsorb moisture in dry air. Always test return air temperature of drying equipment. When the return air temperature high, may account for the productivity, dryer is too large, or the warehouse of material entering the dry temperature is high, for example, pet had before drying the crystals, or just certain items (such as pet) drying temperature is above normal temperature range. In order to prevent the backflow of air temperatures are high, as long as the return gas installed a heat exchanger on the way, you can ensure that the desiccant can effectively remove moisture from the drying air.