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Nano Pulverizer Characteristics and Selection
- Aug 14, 2017 -

Pulverizer, it is certainly there will be some specific types, such as airflow pulverizer, ultrafine powder pulverizer, nano pulverizer, and some other species. But the following is the main to familiar with and understand the kind of nano pulverizer, mainly to let everyone have a good learning effect, and thus, from some of the harvest and inspiration, and to broaden their knowledge.

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1. Nano pulverizer, its structural characteristics, what?
Nano pulverizer This kind of pulverizer, its structural characteristics, if specifically speaking, the main are the following, is:
(1) In this type of pulverizer, it is included in the extrusion valve housing and the crushing head housing, and in the extrusion chamber, there are also open and closed feed passages, Material is well controlled.
(2) The discharge passage is provided on the side wall of the crushing head shell, and there is a nanoscale gap between it and the exit end face of the material conveying passage. In addition, there is a gap between the crushing head side wall and the side wall of the crushing head shell. In this way, the impact squeeze and the lateral extrusion can be combined to crush the material to the nanometer level.

2. Chinese medicine pulverizer and nano pulverizer, these two pulverizer, there is a difference?
Chinese medicine pulverizer and nano pulverizer, are belonging to the pulverizer of this category, but it is from different angles to the crusher for classification, to get the specific species. The former refers to the crusher is mainly used to crush Chinese herbal medicines, while the latter, it refers to the degree of crushing crushing and level. So that this is two different concepts that are quite different.

3. Nano pulverizer selection, mainly to see what specific aspects?
The choice of the nano pulverizer, in general, is mainly to take into account the nature and performance of the material to be crushed, as well as its crushing requirements, etc., through these specific aspects of the second to determine the choice of crusher, suitable products, and get a good effect.

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