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Pressure Spray Dryer Application Areas, Daily Operation and Inspection Maintenance
- Aug 16, 2017 -

In order to deepen everyone's understanding of the pressure spray dryer to help you more rational use of the equipment, we are mainly prepared for everyone on the pressure spray dryer application areas, daily operations and inspection of conservation knowledge, the following together to see Specific content!

First, the application of pressure spray dryer:

For the time being, the application of pressure spray dryer mainly includes four major aspects, the first is the chemical, mainly include the application of products: organic catalyst, resin, synthetic detergent, grease, ammonium sulfate, dye, dye intermediates , The second is the food field, including amino acids and the like, seasonings, etc .; the third is the pharmaceutical field, including proprietary Chinese medicines, pesticides, etc .; the fourth is the ceramic industry, mainly including the Processing materials are magnesium oxide, porcelain clay and so on.

Second, the daily operation of the pressure spray dryer:

As a user, we in daily use, be sure to follow the correct steps to use. If the pressure spray dryer for a long time in the running state or improper operation, it may lead to internal aggregation that believe, thus affecting the normal use. In this case, I need to shut down the equipment in time to clean up. In addition, it is necessary to do the job after the end of the work.

Third, the pressure spray dryer inspection and maintenance:

In order to make the pressure spray dryer to play a good performance, in the use of the time must be properly maintained and maintained. For the feeding system should pay attention to check whether the various parts remain open, if blocked should be promptly cleaned.

Secondly, in the operation of the pressure spray dryer, we also need to pay attention to observe the operation of the state, if found to have a greater noise, or vibration is more obvious, it should be timely inspection and repair.

pressure spray dryer

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