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Principle Performance of Pressure Spray Dryer
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Speaking of the principle of pressure spray dryer, in fact, that is, the material can be through the diaphragm pump high pressure input, this time, that is, can spray the droplets, followed by, that is, with the hot air and flow down, Most of the powder will be collected by the bottom of the tower discharge, exhaust and its fine powder after the separation of the cyclone separation, then, in fact, the exhaust gas will be discharged by the exhaust fan.

For the pressure spray dryer in the use of the time, the powder is actually located in the cyclone at the bottom of the pollination tube to collect, for the fan outlet is concerned, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to equipment secondary dust removal device, on its recovery rate In terms of, that is, in the 96-98% or more.

Pressure spray dryer performance characteristics, its drying speed is relatively fast, the material after the atomization, the surface area will greatly increase in the hot air flow which can instantly evaporate 95% -98 % Of the water, as a result, to a large extent also completed the dry time, which in fact is the need for ten seconds or to dozens of seconds, especially for heat-sensitive materials on the drying effect.

Speaking of pressure spray dryer, it is actually spherical particles, the particle size is relatively uniform, the flow performance is also very good, the solubility is also better, the product purity is relatively high, the quality is also very good. On the use of this product itself is relatively wide, according to the characteristics of the material itself, we can actually choose to use hot air drying, can also be used for granulation of cold air, as for the material on the relatively strong adaptability.

Finally, when we talk about the pressure spray dryer, in actual use, you will find it in operation with a simple and stable features, then, in its control is also very convenient, particularly easy to automate operations The And the spray dryer is also a wide range of materials, not only in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical applications, spray granulation and spray cooling on the application of granulation is also very good.

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