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Spray Granulation Dryer Process and Characteristics
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Spray granulation dryer, is a kind of dryer. In addition, from the professional point of view, it is the material of the fluidization, dust, atomization and curing and other treatment, making its finished product to achieve particle size requirements, thus, to meet the drying requirements of a drying equipment. Its specific application, the main, in the chemical industry, medicine and food and other industries.

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1. Spray granulation dryer process
Spray granulation dryer This kind of dryer, its process, if the summary summary, it is:
The air passes through the heater and becomes hot air and enters the bottom of the fluidized bed so that it can be brought into full contact with the material through the distribution plate, and the material becomes fluid. While the mother liquor or binder, it is atomized through the atomization nozzle. When it is atomized, it can be applied to the surface of the particles, or the particles are bonded to each other. In this way, after fluidization, coating, drying and a series of cycles, when the required particle size requirements, discharged from the discharge port.

2. Spray granulation dryer main features
Features 1: Dryer drying speed, because the material will be sprayed to increase the contact area, thus completing the instant dry. Moreover, this advantage, especially for some heat-sensitive materials, can be used without disrupting the material composition and performance.
Features 2: After the spray granulation dryer drying, is a spherical particle material, which has a uniform particle size, high purity, and in terms of mobility and solubility, but also a good performance. Moreover, this kind of dryer, simple operation, convenient control and stable operation, therefore, can be automated operation, to improve work efficiency.

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