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Temperature and humidity control of Ultra-low temperature drying equipment and the situation of incoming and outgoing materials
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Ultra-low temperature drying equipment in the use of the process is mainly used for related semiconductor devices, liquid crystal glass substrate, quartz vibrator, electronic components and optical film and lenses, Ultra - low temperature drying equipment is mainly used patent dehumidification movement, effectively through CE safety regulations dehumidification, environmental design, no high temperature, power, no dripping, no noise, more environmentally friendly objects.

Ultra-low temperature drying equipment temperature and humidity dual control, low temperature and low humidity, the equipment in a vacuum state can be achieved continuous feeding and discharge, the feed volume can be set according to their needs, heating system can be steam, hot water and electric heating Transduction hot oil heating and other forms.

Ultra-low temperature drying equipment drying temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted from 25 ℃ -80 ℃, 20 minutes -60 minutes after the continuous discharge until the batch to complete. Track with Teflon material, smooth operation, reliable, uniform heating area. Track speed can be arbitrarily adjusted layer number 2-5 layer, according to the user's production requirements to determine.

Ultra - low temperature drying equipment in the process of making the main use of a variety of cloth device can be adapted to liquid, extract, powder and granular materials such as drying, with vacuum under the conditions of automatic crushing system, according to the user's request arbitrary Select the number of dry particles.

Ultra - low temperature drying equipment will be equipped with CIP in the cleaning system, automatic cleaning fast and convenient. Energy consumption is small, no waste, low dry tone. Fully meet the GMP certification requirements, a full set of technology using automation, pipeline, continuous, procedural.

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