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The Characteristics of Multi-layer Belt Dryer
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Multi-layer belt dryer use a wide range, but the various areas of dry material requirements and parameters are quite different, then Xiaobian to introduce you to the characteristics of multi-layer belt dryer.

1. Material in the multi-layer belt dryer by the vibration and impact of a slight, material particles are not easy to powder crushing, so multi-layer belt dryer is also suitable for drying some of the material does not allow fragmentation.

2. It is not only for the material to dry, and sometimes the material can also be baked, fired or cooked treatment operation.

3. Its structure is not complicated, easy installation, long-term operation, easy maintenance.

4. It can adjust the air volume, heating temperature, material retention time and feeding speed to obtain the best drying effect.

5. Its configuration is flexible, you can use the mesh belt flushing system and material cooling system.

6. Most of the air recycling, a high degree of energy conservation.

7. Unique sub-wind device, so that the distribution of hot air more uniform, multi-layer belt dryer to ensure product quality consistency.

8. Heat source can be used steam, heat transfer oil, electricity or coal (oil) hot air furnace supporting.

Multi-layer belt dryer

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