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The principle of vacuum freeze drying
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Principles of vacuum freeze drying of vacuum freeze drying is the material contains a lot of water, prior to cool frozen solid, frozen to the triple point temperature of the substance. And then using solid sublimation principle, moisture in the material under vacuum sublimation directly from the solids in water vapor, substance itself from being left in the freezing of the ice shelf, which makes drying products without losing the original solid bone structure, keeping original material form, and rehydration products very well. Material before drying always in low temperatures (frozen) and ice were distributed evenly over the material, sublimation phenomenon won't happen due to dehydration and concentration process, avoiding foam caused by water vapor, oxide and other side effects. Dry sponge dry material is porous, the volume is essentially the same, easily soluble in water, and restitution. Maximum prevention of dry substances in the physico-chemical and biological aspects of sex.

Vacuum freeze drying technology advantages:
(1) freeze dried at low temperatures, so for many of the heat-sensitivity material particularly suitable. Such as proteins, microorganisms, degeneration or loss of biological activity does not occur.
(2) in the process of freeze drying, microbial growth and enzymatic action from being carried out. Able to maintain the original character.
(3) when dried at a low temperature, some of the volatile substance in the ingredients and heat denaturation of nutrient loss is very small, for some chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food dry.
(4) due to the drying in a frozen state, so the volume of products, almost unchanged, keeping the original structure and concentration behavior does not occur. Dried material is loose and porous, spongy, after adding water dissolves quickly and completely and almost immediately revert to the original character.
(5) in a vacuum drying, materials in highly hypoxic condition, easily oxidized substances are protected.
(6) dry excluding 95-99% above water, the products after drying at room temperature under long-term preservation without spoiling.

Vacuum freeze drying technology is mainly used for:
(1) poor thermal stability of biological products, biological products, blood products, products of genetic engineering drugs such as freeze drying;
(2) organizational structure and activity to maintain biological and surgical skin, bone, corneas, heart valves and other tissue processing;
(3) to keep the food color, aroma, flavor, and nutrition as well as rapid rehydration of coffee, spices, meats, seafood, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables;
(4) preparation and drug controlled release microencapsulated material application. To keep raw material invariance of ginseng, Bee Royal Jelly, tortoise and turtle supplements and herbal preparations, such as processing;
(5) ultrafine powder material such as: microwave dielectric materials, with fiber optics, superconductors, magnetic powder and can accelerate the reaction engineering process.

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