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Working principle of air dryer, classification and security operations
- Feb 13, 2017 -

The working principle of air dryer
Air drying function easy to dehydrate the granules, powder materials, rapidly removing moisture (mainly surface water). Air drying machine, due to the short residence time in the material in a dry, so dry and best quality control of the finished product. I factory strengthened type air dry is in basic type Shang increased a speed can no level regulation of strengthened device composition, wet material through spiral added feeder into strengthened device Hou and hot air full mixed, in rapid rotating of hit knife hit broken and advance Xia, material was broken into fine particles, in dry while to export mobile, last in wind attract Xia into dry tube, further uniform dry. Wet weight of wind failed to attract particles continue to be crushed, dry, until the wind sucked up into dry tubes.
Introduce three air dryer
Closed-circuit cycle type air dry machine, dry media (nitrogen, inert gas) composition closed loop, products by Cyclone separation device discharge, contains few fine powder of dry media gas and steam mixture into condensation cooling washing device will steam condensation into gel liquid, tiny of fine powder also was washing down and gel liquid with by washing device bottom discharge, not gel sex dry media gas by heater heating Hou again cycle using.
Closed-cycle type air dryer is mainly used in the following three aspects:
1, dry process, contact materials and air will oxidize, deterioration or an explosion, or steam when the ingredient is organic solvent gases is made, using inert gases such as ammonia, as drying medium.
2, and evaporation thermal organic solvent gases with the same composition as the drying medium, achieve the purpose of solvent recovery.
3, smelly gas produced during the drying process, dry gas to all the burning odor or adsorption deodorizing.
Swirling air stream dryer
For conventional straight-air dryer, the residence time is mainly composed of a drying tube length, air speed and the nature of materials. In the face of swirling air dryer in a very short drying tube, the material has a long residence time (excluding the back extension of time can be increased 4 times), so that material residence time and drying machine geometry there is no direct relationship. Wet material together with the hot air entering the dryer in the annulus, auxiliary heat flow from the pipe trimming into the main flow of ventilation in the wet material in the tube inside and outside the ring-gap along the spiral motion in the drying chamber. Collector at the bottom of the dryer is equipped with counterweight balancing device, overweight particles (lump, stone, metal, etc) automatically discharged. Auxiliary chimney enhanced early aerodynamic effects such as movement and compensation caused by water evaporation to cool off the main flow of drying potential losses.
Swirl air dryer can handle non-sticky granular materials, such as aluminum sulfate, copper powder, activated carbon, sulfonated iron ore, rubber, grain, straw, detergents, etc.
Venturi air dryer
Venturi air dryer, hot air generated by the venturi pipe suction, the wet material and circulating hot air venturi for mixing and drying in the drying tube is introduced. Secondary air to the tangent direction, making the recycling of heavy particles in dry indoor spiral movements, while the lighter particles after entering the cyclone discharge.
Venturi air dryer features:
1) air consumption is small, about 50% of the conventional air dryer and, therefore, can reduce the fan capacity, reduced separation equipment size;
2) due to the circulation of hot air, the dryer heat loss;
3) in the system inlet feed improved dispersion, sticky viscous materials provides the possibility for processing.
Venturi air dryer can be used in pesticides, fine chemicals, polymers and other materials dry.
Air dryer applications
This machine special for containing wet volume than larger of, is cream paste-like of wet material, and with other air dry method cannot dry of material, as: acetate vinyl and the chlorine vinyl of copolymer real, and acetate fiber flocculation, and catalyst, and c, and m, and c, and CT-1 resin, and forge gypsum, and electrolytic II oxidation manganese, and anthracene Quinone sulfonic acid ammonium, and fluoride stone, and diatomaceous earth, and silicone catalyst, and bone meal, and had potassium chlorate sulfonic ammonium class drug, and synthetic resin, and activity gluten, and activity white soil, and chemical filter cake, and gold red stone type titanium dioxide powder, and GUI II acid, and copper sulfate, and alum, and Sulfate, and calcium phosphate, and phosphate ester of starch, and dye, and citric acid calcium, and coal mud, and clay, and clay cement, and hydrogen oxidation aluminum, and hydrogen oxidation barium, and lactic acid calcium, and food, and three poly Cyanate, and gypsum pulp, and lime, and biological products, and carbon black, and calcium carbonate pulp, and sludge slag, and organic chemicals stearic acid aluminum, and iron oxide, and organic fuel, and corn protein feed, and damp mud, and Mica powder, and pharmacy, and pigment, and heavy chrome acid potassium pulp, and Lees slag,.
Air dryer safety procedures
(A), the driving program
All transmission equipment flexible disk rotating, normal, all ready security correctly can heat up, start to drive.
(1) start the fan, the butterfly valve open in the desired scale to ensure gas flow.
(2) the starting air compressors, control multiple jobs under compressed air pressure conditions.
(3) open bag pulse controller blowback system, and adjust the cleaning frequency, ensure that the suction pressure between 0.5-0.6Mpa work.
(4) wet material < inputs must be determined before moisture > input Hopper, start the screw feeder.
(5) coal-fired heating stove, dryer air inlet temperature gradually rises, when the dryer air outlet temperature exceeds 110 ℃, start the spiral feeding machine, control feeding speed to ensure stability when the outlet temperature at 60 ℃. When the inlet temperature 130-150 ℃, readjust the feeding motor speed control dryer inlet and outlet temperature at design temperature condition operation.
(6) each device in the system (and other parts) operation is normal.
(7) the sampling and testing dry powder materials quality packaging, warehousing.
(B), parking program
(1) first of all, stop, stop feeding Auger.
(2) the rest continue to dry in the dryer and take out of the machine, stop hot-blast stove in half an hour. Stop the fan after fan.
(3) stop the air compressor, stop anti blow bag dust filter system.
(4) stop control.
(C), possible anomalies and exclude
Main control in dry operation of dryer air flow, air inlet and outlet temperature and feeding. Adjust the feeding quantity as the dependent variable.
1, the gas inlet temperature must, under normal conditions, gas outlet temperature is high, slowly increasing the feeder rotation speed to increase feed rate, outlet gas temperature drops to the desired temperature and vice versa when the outlet gas temperature is low, affect water content of dry product will reduce the Auger speed, reduce the feed rate, the gas outlet temperature to the desired temperature.
2, dryer gas inlet temperature is high, when the negative pressure is necessary to lower the feeding speed in the drying tower to Tower stabilized with negative pressure rise and then readjust the feeding speed, ensure the outlet temperature is the design value.
3, the system pressure is out of balance, checks the system for leakage or blockage, and whether there is a blockage of piezometer tube.
Export risk when the powder gas 4, bag, check that the bag is missing or damaged, replace, repair.
5, all of a sudden power failure for a long time, cleaning the dryer to prevent wet-dry and hard, blocking dryer annulus and driving affect product quality.
6, such as the increased system pressure suddenly gathered, but cannot be eliminated, immediately cut off the power supply, the operator quickly leave the operations to prevent physical injury when venting.
7, operating procedures, such as venting valve suddenly opened, evacuees must be first time and first of all turn off the fan and then turn off the feeder.
(D) operators of five strict
1, strict shift
Staff time, detailed exchange, five:
(1) transfer, production targets, product quality and yield;
(2) electrical and mechanical equipment, instruments, instrument operation and use;
(3) the unsafe factors of preventive measures;
(4) the record must be complete;
(5) the commands and notes.
2, strict inspection
(1) check the pressure, temperature, material inputs, product quality and output parameters;
(2) check if device operation, lubrication is good;
(3) strict control of process indexes.
Unit operation parameters such as temperature, pressure, gas flow parameters such as the best match. Has established strict control should be within the specified range, to ensure normal operation.
3, strict labour discipline
4, strict implementation of the relevant security procedures, such as fire protection, antivirus and other procedures.