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Air Dryer Airflow Sieve During Use In Notes
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Air dryer is the use of high-speed flows of hot gas flow starch suspension in water, during the process of air flow to dry. High heat transfer coefficient, large area of heat conducting, the drying time is short and so on. Industrial chiller air drying, also known as "Instant dry" is a solid Fluidization in the dilute phase conveying in drying applications. Of the Act is to make direct contact heating medium and wait for dry solids, dry and solid particles suspended in a fluid, thus the large contact area, enhancement of heat and mass transfer process, widely used in bulk material drying unit operation.
Air dryer the drying time is short for 1-4 seconds, had left before the product temperature has not increased in the dryer, so for heat-sensitive materials. Industrial chiller characteristic drying of water forms mainly by surface water, materials containing more water more difficult to meet the process requirements. This machine can be designed according to the technology into blast system, air system, drums, wind systems, blowers doubles as a diffuser. Drum fan system fan inverter variable speed can be used to realize the "0 pressure" precise control in feed or cyclone prone to leaks. Inflammable and explosive materials for General welding pipe easy to aggregate lead to excessive temperature, the plant has unique processing technology of dry pipe walls, flanges, joints and other material through smooth absolutely ensure that materials do not stay.
Dry strength, investment province: air drying equipment is one of the largest, evaporation of water from the 50kg/h-1500kg/h and equipment small volume, investment, and other drying equipment is not. High degree of automation, good product quality: air dry material in pipe, drying time is very short (only O.5-2 seconds) so you can automate product without contact with the outside world, less pollution, and good quality.
Air drying strength \ airflow drying due to the high speed of air flow, the particles in the gas phase well dispersed, can all of the surface area of the particles as a dry area and, therefore, effective drying area has greatly increased. Meanwhile, the dispersion and agitation when dry, gasification surface is constantly updated, so drying intensity of heat and mass transfer process. Drying time short aerial-solid contact time is very short, drying time is generally at 0.5~2 seconds, a maximum of 5 seconds. Thermal denaturation of the material is a function of temperature and time, therefore, for heat-sensitive or low melting point materials do not cause overheating and affect its quality or decomposition.
Air dryer high efficiency drying gas-solid flow operation, and in surface gasification stage, items always in contact the wet-bulb temperature of the gas, there is generally no more than 60~65℃ in dry phase temperature rise at the end, the temperature of the gas has been reduced, the product temperature does not exceed 70~90℃. Therefore, you can use hot gas. A diameter of 0.7m up to 10~15m air drying tube, 25 tons of coal per hour or 15 tons of ammonium sulfate. Air dryer equipment is simple, small footprint and low investment. Comparing with rotary dryer, it covers an area of 60%, about 80%. Meanwhile, drying, crushing, screening and conveying unit processes such as joint operations, not only simplify the process, but easy to control. Applicable to a wide range of pneumatic drying can be used for a variety of powder and granular material.
In heating way select Shang, air dry equipment has larger of adaptability, user can according to where area of conditions selection steam, and electric, and stove heating, and while and can according to material heat temperature (or hot air temperature) select: ≤ 150 ℃ Shi, can selection steam heating; ≤ 200 ℃ Shi, electric heating (or steam heating, electric compensation or thermal conductivity oil heating); ≤ 300 ℃ Shi, coal-fired stove; ≤ 600 ℃ Shi, fuel stove.
Airflow sieve are necessary and extremely important part of the pneumatic drying, airflow sieve in the usual work there are areas which need attention?
And maintenance and airflow sieve
Operations personnel in strict accordance with the airflow sieve products using manufacturer's instructions, the proper use of equipment, clean and lubricate equipment, fastening and corrosion and other routine maintenance work, within and outside the installations are kept clean, good performance, safety and reliability.
Airflow sieve electric control box should be kept clean to prevent dust from falling into the control box, causing electrical component failure or short circuit, regularly check that the ground wire is good, equipment to the power switch cable connection is good, if aging should be replaced.
Host, motor and fan airflow sieve to maintenance once a year, add a little oil, clear dust in the motor.
Equipped with a vibrating sieve Shaker must maintain one or two times a year, every maintenance lubricate, bolt fixing.
Air screen screen replacement to ensure uniform tension, when both fixed wire ropes need side fastening the side adjustment screen.
And airflow sieve the second common failure and troubleshooting
1, when the process volume does not meet requirements, perform application testing whether the material meets the screening requirements.
2, when the process volume suddenly increases should take the' detection and analysis of product, if the product is not eligible, should check whether the screen intact.
3, suddenly out of work.
(1) should check that the fan is normal, if the fan flow, maintenance of discipline.
(2) check if the discharge Auger not turning, unable to discharge.
Three considerations and airflow sieve
1, the machine should not be screened with viscosity, moisture content is greater than the 5% materials and flammable and explosive materials.
2, the same type of airflow sieving machine, screen mesh material, the greater the corresponding yields lower.