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Air Dryer, Using The Need To Pay Attention To What Issues?
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Air dryer, the correct use is important, but equally important are the considerations in using, usually need attention, what does?
1, and in gas imports temperature must, other conditions normal Xia, gas export temperature high Shi, slow improve added feeder speed to increased into material volume, makes gas export temperature fell to need of temperature; instead, gas export temperature low Shi, effect dry products water content, will reduced air dry machine spiral added feeder speed, reduced into material volume, makes gas export temperature rose to need of temperature.
2, operating procedures, such as venting valve suddenly opened to evacuees and, above all, the first time off the air dryer fan turn off the feeder.
3, the system pressure is out of balance, checks the system for leakage or blockage, and whether there is a blockage of piezometer tube.
4 suddenly gathered, such as system pressure increases, and could not be eliminated, immediately cut off the power supply, the operator quickly leave the operations to prevent physical injury when venting.
5, all of a sudden power failure for a long time, cleaning the dryer to prevent wet-dry and hard, blocking dryer annulus and driving affect product quality.
Export risk when the powder gas 6, bag, check that the bag is missing or damaged, replace, repair.