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Air Flow Drier Mechanical Classification
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Airflow drier is used to suspend wet starch in the water by using high - velocity heat flow. High heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time. Airflow drying is also known as "instantaneous drying", which is the application of solid fluidization in drying. The method is to make direct contact with the heating medium and solid particles being dry, and make the stay dry solid particles suspended in a fluid, and two large contact area, to strengthen the heat and mass transfer process, is widely used for material drying unit operation.

Airflow dryer - mechanical classification

Direct air flow dryer

Wet material from feeder to join upright pipe, air blower blowing finned heater, heated to a certain temperature after blowing in vertical tube, the tube depends on the speed of the wet particle size and density, generally greater than that of particle settling velocity (about 10 to 20 m/s). The dry particles are brought out by intense air currents and sent to two parallel cyclone separators, sent out by a spiral conveyor, and the tail gas is emptied by a bag filter. Due to the short stay time, a secondary or multistage tandem process is often required for certain products.

Cyclone dryers

A type of cyclone dryers. The heat flow entrainment is carried by the dry material particles into the cyclone dryer in the direction of the tangential direction, and the rotation motion is generated along the hot wall, so that the material particles are in the suspended rotation state and dry. Steam jacket can be set according to need. The drying process is greatly enhanced. In addition, due to the impact of particle and wall, the contact area of the gas solid phase increases, and the drying process is strengthened. It is especially suitable for hot and sensitive granular materials that are hydrophobic and not afraid to pulverize. However, it does not apply to materials with high water content, large viscosity, low melting point, easy sublimation explosion, and easy to generate electrostatic effects.

Pulse airflow dryer

Pulsed airflow dryer is a kind of air flow dryer. Drying operation, using pipe diameter narrow or expand alternately, airflow and granular nonuniform flow, air flow and the relative velocity between particle and heat transfer area is larger, so as to strengthen the heat and mass transfer rate. In addition, the air flow velocity in the expanded tube is greatly reduced, and the drying time is increased accordingly.

Airflow dryer - mechanical structure

Direct feed

It is one of the most widely used, suitable for wet materials with good dispersion and only surface moisture removal. Such as dry synthetic resin, certain drugs, organic chemical products, coal, starch and flour, etc. If the moisture content of wet material is relatively high, the material can easily be formed when adding materials. It can be used as the return material for some dry finished products, and mix with wet materials in the mixing feeder to facilitate the drying operation.


The air drying device with disperser is equipped with a squirrel-cage dispersing material under the drying tube. It is suitable for low moisture content, loose goodish block material, such as centrifuge and filter cake, and phosphogypsum, calcium carbonate, sodium fluosilicate slag, clay, coffee grounds, sludge, corn residue, etc.

With a crusher

The air drying device with a pulverizer is equipped with a percussive hammer mill under the air drying tube to crush wet materials, reduce particle size, increase the surface area of the material and strengthen the drying. Therefore, a large amount of water is vaporized during the crushing process, and in general, 80% of the components of gasified water can be completed. In this way, the high intake and humidity can be used to achieve high production capacity and high heat transfer efficiency.