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Application Of Vacuum Drier In The Actual Trade
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Vacuum drying process is a complex, time-dependent, nonlinear industrial process, drying control is to adjust and control the effects of process parameters of the drying process.
As microcomputer technology and automation technology continues to progress and development, many areas have introduced the automatic detection and control technology, and are increasingly high demands on computer automated measurement and control system, a wide range of flexible configuration software came into being. MCGS (Monitor and Control Generated System, monitoring system) is used to quickly build and build configuration software of computer monitoring and control system, it can based on Microsoft (32-bit Windows platform) run on through the acquisition and processing of data, to animate, vacuum drying alarm processing, process control, real-time curve, History graph and report output to users in various ways, such as providing programmes to solve practical engineering problems, it takes full advantage of Windows graphics functions and interface consistency, easy to learn and use features than more general purpose machines development of industrial control system, has a broader application in the field of automation.
In a number of chemical and pharmaceutical products (intermediate or final products) synthesis in the solid particles suspended in a fluid, need at some stage to be separated from the slurry. First use of machinery for solid-liquid separation equipment, such as filtering centrifuge and vacuum (or stress) filters, separator, filter and static thickener, to separate the solids from the liquids. For a process to choose the best type of mechanical equipment, vacuum drying based on solid character, capacity and mode of operation and other factors to decide. But usually only by a mechanical solid-liquid separation step is not to meet the requirements of product quality, since only by mechanical force impossible to remove all the liquid. According to the different products and equipment, centrifuge or filter removed from the product humidity 5 ~ 80% (by weight) range. Therefore, upon completion of the machinery for solid-liquid separation, generally also need heat solid-liquid separation steps, residues in solid liquid separation. This step is often referred to as "dry".
Product drying effect of changes is an important driving force of the liquid evaporating temperature vacuum drying technique this temperature depends on the pressure. Reduce pressure to make the evaporation temperature drops, you can bring many benefits, especially for the dry contact. No need to design a minimum pressure and maximum allowable temperature under ideal drying system, because it will need large and expensive peripherals. Systems are generally designed to be self-regulation of the pressure vessel. In other words, condensers and vacuum equipment suitable for high pressure steam flow when drying after a decline in pressure decreases.
Vacuum dryer is inside the air by removing packaging container after a predefined number of vacuum, removal equipment parts water in the container. Drying time, the tank in a vacuum, jacket through hot water (or steam, heat conducting oil) heating with low speed rotation of the tank, the material in the tank up and down, inside and outside, "diamond trail" campaign and absorbing the evaporation, water vapour through vacuum pipeline continuous discharge, achieve the objective material drying. In the dry mixture at the same time, built-in spray according to customer requirements, filtering, grinding device for its multifunction operation.