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Development Trend Of Drying Technology
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Development trend of drying technology
1. drying equipment specialization
Drying equipment is standard equipment, is a standardized equipment, mainly dealing with the physical properties of materials and products vary greatly. Therefore, targeted design, drying equipment play their role more on technology and economy has to some extent.
2. multi-level and development of combined drying system
Different types of drying equipment can be applied to different materials or can be applied to different materials drying, drying (drying and fluidized bed drying combination) can maximize the drying process, drying system is more reasonable.
3. the application of energy saving technology
Combined with positive-negative pressure multistage flash dryer, effective use of exhaust heat, reducing the discharge of exhaust temperature, increase humidity and then discharged, overcoming the single and double-level dry exhaust high temperature and humidity characteristics of exhaust waste heat.
4. the multifunction
Now the drying equipment is not limited in dry operation, sometimes grinding, grading, even heated reaction set in, greatly shortening the production process, the devices is multifunctional.
5. raise the level of automatic control of drying equipment
First, before drying the wet material moisture content measurement and control, by mechanical methods, stability of filter cake moisture to a minimum value. B is based on the current heat source, it can provide the maximum inlet air temperature conditions, automatic adjustment of wet material feed speed through dryness testing of finished products, adjust the volume, to minimize export material temperature, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.
6. development of pneumatic drying simulation software
China Agricultural University have developed a specialised in software for simulation of pneumatic drying Flash, the software can analyze the action parameters, material parameter influence on performance of dry, and simulation experiments, drawing materials and principles of drying parameters along the pipe, and some structural parameters of drying tube can be used for computer-aided design, this type of software had to be developed and improved step by step. In addition, the CFD of using currently accepted more mature commercial software packages, such as Fluent, CFX, PHOENICS, STAR-CD etc for drying research of numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer process, become an important direction of pneumatic drying simulation.