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Development Trend Of Vacuum Dryer Series Drying Equipment
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Many kinds of vacuum drying equipment, wide range of applications, develop rapidly. Paper several vacuum dryer elaborates the developments at home and abroad, in order to achieve the exchange of information, identify development of vacuum drying equipment required to solve problems, improve the level of the vacuum drying equipment.
Vacuum dry has many advantages: in low voltage Xia dry Shi oxygen content low, can prevent was dry material oxidation metamorphic, can dry flammable easy burst of dangerous goods; can in low temperature Xia makes material in the of water vaporization, easily dry hot sensitive sex material; can recycling was dry material in the of precious and useful of components; can prevent was dry material in the toxic harmful material of emissions, can became environmental type of green dry. Therefore, vacuum drying equipment is widely used.
The main disadvantage is the need for a set of vacuum drying steam vacuum pumping system, makes the high investment costs and running costs high; equipment productivity, yield little. To overcome these drawbacks, many technology workers, many efforts have been made. Meanwhile, vacuum drying has many advantages, some products have to vacuum drying equipment. Therefore, the development of vacuum drying equipment will be very promising.
1. At home and abroad is increasing variety of vacuum drying equipment
For different purposes, and developed a variety of new kinds of vacuum drying equipment.
1), energy-saving microwave vacuum drying equipment, improve the drying rate.
2), spray freeze drying equipment spray with a combination of freeze drying is determined by the item's properties and products production decisions, material must be a liquid slurry, spray freezes the formation of micro-and nano-scale particles, increases drying rate, improved product yield.
3), vacuum vapor phase drying equipment is specifically designed for large oil-immersed transformers and other devices similar to the electrical equipment dry. Switzerland in the 1970 of the 20th century developed the product. In in the 1980 of the 20th century, the introduction of such equipment, is nearing completion after the 90 imported can now be set.
4), experimental freeze drying equipment for school and research institutes need, at home and abroad have developed several different experimental freeze drying equipment. 4~7 is the German company Martin Christ freeze-drying machine for production of several small experiments, its small size, light weight, features and more. Basically freeze-dried can meet a variety of materials. Haimen city, Taiwan can have light industry machinery plant, and several other manufacturers start digestion and absorption, the introduction of design, has developed a new product, but performance is not stable enough.
Single chamber system
Under sterile conditions, freezing and drying in the condensation Chamber.
Dual-Chamber system
Freezing at low temperatures or spin freezing in the fridge, drying in the drying chamber above the condensation Chamber.
5) separated, freeze-dried pharmaceutical freeze drying machine
Food separated by freeze-dryer is drying and in order to achieve energy savings, save time, increase production purposes. Freeze drying machines for traditional medicine is freezing and drying in the machine at once. Some companies in Western Europe and the United States, for the purposes of freeze dried foods, pharmaceutical freeze in advance, and then into the dryer the drying.

2. Unbalanced development of continuous vacuum drying equipment
In order to improve the output, ensure the quality of products, in more than 10 years ago, developed a wide range of continuous vacuum drying equipment abroad. At the domestic level and awareness of the limit concept, development has been slow.
1), continuous vacuum drying equipment
Japan Osaka manufacturing production WL-VAQ type of v-belt type continuous vacuum drying equipment, suitable for liquid materials, muddy, concentration and high viscosity paste sued boring and dry. Xiamen kange technology plant production in Japan of BV-100.5 continuous vacuum belt dryer, steam heating and conduction, temperature adjustable sections, adjustable belt tension and speed. Swiss company buhegaide has developed a series of v-belt type continuous vacuum drying equipment, with automatic cleaning device.
Beginning in 1995 with continuous vacuum drying equipment design, manufacture, installation and service, more mature technology.
Made with continuous vacuum drying equipment is rare, 2004 Institute of Guangdong Academy of agricultural sciences has developed a small test equipment, for drying of banana powder, the effect is very good.
2), grains of continuous vacuum drying equipment
Grain drying is large, continuous drying equipment must be used. Countries around the world have developed a lot of grain drying equipment before, and vacuum drying grains in seed drying due to vacuum drying costs are too high. This is actually a misunderstanding, according to the Zhengzhou grain scientific research and Design Institute senior engineer of Xiang he introduced, they developed the continuous vacuum maize drying equipment, production capacity for 60t/d, fixed investment slightly higher than hot air drying and running costs flat with hot-air drying. If one considers the quality of dried product, the drying process breakage rate, burst rate of lumbar, low temperature vacuum drying of the total cost is not higher than that of hot-air drying.
3), continuous vacuum freeze drying equipment
Foods rich in raw materials, need production of lyophilized products is very large. Therefore, the continuous food freeze-drying equipment earlier. Danish ATLAS company in 1985 produced a CONRAD–800 continuous freeze drying equipment, freeze drying of coffee production, production capacity 13t per day.
-Made the first continuous vacuum freeze-drying equipment in 2000 by the Shenyang Institute of refrigeration technology developed. The vacuum chamber is a rectangular structure, in and out of silos and drying features isolation between and out of silos are equipped with automatic weighing systems, could determine that the drying rate of freeze dried food, water and final drying. Two external catcher alternating work and achieve continuous capture water and melting ice.