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Flash Drier The Relative Speed
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Airflow Rotary flash dryer production required hot air through the blower into the furnace, Flash Drier the air is heated and divided into two ways into the dryer: all the way airflow from the bottom side of the dryer to enter, the formation of high-speed and low pressure rotary jet air flow, while the other way from the flash dryer bottom of the center into the air flow rotary flash dryer to form a flow of air. Material through the spiral feeder into the dryer drop and two strands of gas meet, heat and mass transfer process, moisture gradually removed, Flash Drier the material gets dry.

Flash dryer Exhaust gas by cyclone separator, bag-type separator Two gas-solid separation, by the introduction of air exhaust gas to the atmosphere, and products by the cyclone separator, bag-type separator at the bottom of the star-shaped discharge device to the product tank. The rotating air flow is a small particle suspended in the swirling airflow, which is driven by the swirling air flow, which produces a larger relative velocity between the particles and the airflow, which increases the heat and mass transfer coefficients. Flash Drier At the same time, the larger particles under the action of centrifugal force, as well as the central air flow of the rapid and low pressure, so that the size of different particles along the radius of the dryer in different positions of spiral floating fluidization, large particles close to the wall, and the wall friction, so that particles further micro-particles, fine particles constantly flip,Flash Drier reduce the critical water content, reduce the internal moisture to the surface diffusion distance, thus still maintain a larger drying speed, remove the material part of the combination of moisture.

As the fine particles move along the helix, the contact time between the material and the hot airflow is increased, which creates favorable conditions for removing the combined water. Flash Drier Air-jet rotary flash dryer flash fast, dry wet materials through the spiral feeder into the dryer, small particles in the rotating heat flow with its rotation, and larger particles down. Solid particles and hot air flow between the relatively high velocity, heat and mass transfer coefficient with increasing, so that the wet material group quickly remove moisture, dry material group under the action of tangential heat flow, continuous collision, shearing, Flash Drier crushing, so as to achieve the particle.

Air-jet rotary flash dryer on the one hand to reduce the moisture in the material diffusion distance, on the other hand also increases the gas-solid contact area, conducive to the evaporation of water in the material. Some of the particles still fall faster than the settling velocity and continue to fall, in the inverted cone space, the speed gradient of the hot air is established (the lower and the upper velocity becomes smaller, Flash Drier the final value is changed), thus ensuring that the lower large particles and the upper small particles are in fluidization state, so that the material is fluidized and dry, and the water can be removed faster.

When the larger particles fall near the bottom of the gap, Flash Drier the high temperature with the bottom gap, high-speed negative pressure airflow drying and eddy current fluidized drying rotary flash dryer dry active area is very thin, in the vicinity of the wall rotation, rotating gas in the air velocity is very high, and in the center of the drying room, the air velocity is very low, Flash Drier it is difficult to bring granular materials out of the drying room. As a result, a central lift pipe is installed in the center of the bottom of the device on the one hand to increase the turbulence degree of turbulence, on the other hand, the drying of fine particles edge turbulence upward, Flash Drier to eliminate the original equipment "dead zone", strengthen the central area of drying, and the particle material smoothly brought out of the dryer, thus increasing the output of the material, that is, airflow drying area.

At the interface between the rising air flow and the rotating airflow, the material interferes with each other, and the flow of the vortex is formed between the two airflow, Flash Drier and the drying is intensified once more. Because of the high speed and low pressure in the central area, the eddy current is dry, the fine particles move toward the center, with the rising airflow, Flash Drier and the small particles which are dried in the swirling airflow are taken by the swirl fluidized zone, which greatly reduces the concentration of the rotating fluidized zone, Flash Drier increases the heat air capacity, accelerates the heat and mass transfer process and accelerates the evaporation speed. Axial apparent gas velocity is generally 3~5m. S. The wind velocity in the hot air distributor is 30~60m. s, the velocity of the central air inlet should be three times times the average particle size of the center.