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Flash Drier Unique Layout
- May 22, 2017 -

Rotary Flash dryer, which solves the existing rotary Flash dryer product quality and high cost of technical problems, it has a blower, heat exchanger, drying host, Flash Drier cyclone separator, dust remover and fan, drying host with top and bottom, the bottom of the drying machine is connected with the blower through the heat exchanger and the top of the drying host is connected with the dust catcher through the cyclone separator, and the fan is connected with the dust remover, and the cyclone separator is provided with a classifier, and the classifier is a fin-type rotary device. Flash Drier and air filter, The air filter is connected with the blower, Flash Drier the utility model can be widely used for drying the material.

The velocity inhomogeneity of the rotating field in the radial flow field is avoided by adopting double air duct tangential inlet.

Control the final moisture and fineness effectively through the coordination and unification of the swirl slice and the inlet speed.

The structure of rotating blades is unique, with small wear, wide contact surface and large cutting force.

Good at handling heat sensitive materials, the base of the host is high temperature zone, the area of high gas speed and high cooling water protection device, to avoid the possibility of material coking discoloration.

The system has small resistance, high thermal efficiency, good operating environment and low labor intensity.

Host with a new type of sealing structure, Flash Drier host bearing life cycle extension and bearing seat with oil circulation cooling device.

The production of airflow rotary flash dryer requires hot air to be fed into the furnace by blowers, the air is heated and divided into two ways into the dryer: all the way airflow from the bottom side of the dryer into the flow, the formation of high-speed and low pressure rotary air flow, Flash Drier while the other way from the flash dryer at the bottom of the center into the air flow rotary flash dryer to form the flow of air flow. Material through the spiral feeder into the dryer drop and two strands of gas meet, heat and mass transfer process, moisture gradually removed, the material gets dry.

Flash dryer Exhaust gas by cyclone separator, bag-type separator Two gas-solid separation, by the introduction of air exhaust gas to the atmosphere, and products by the cyclone separator, Flash Drier bag-type separator at the bottom of the star-shaped discharge device to the product tank. The rotating air flow is a small particle suspended in the swirling airflow, which is driven by the swirling air flow, which produces a larger relative velocity between the particles and the airflow, which increases the heat and mass transfer coefficients. At the same time, the larger particles under the action of centrifugal force, as well as the central air flow of the rapid and low pressure, so that the size of different particles along the radius of the dryer in different positions of spiral floating fluidization, large particles close to the wall, and the wall friction, so that particles further micro-particles, Flash Drier fine particles constantly flip, reduce the critical water content, reduce the internal moisture to the surface diffusion distance, thus still maintain a larger drying speed, remove the material part of the combination of water.