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High Performance Flash Dryer In Drying Applications Of Mineral Products
- Feb 13, 2017 -

At present, rotary kiln, drying of dressing products mainly used direct or indirectly heated cylindrical dryer, electric oven, far-infrared drying equipment and other machinery. But these covers an area of large, high energy consumption, low thermal efficiency in operation, and low degree of automation equipment operation, loss of product during drying, drying costs, seriously affecting the economic benefits of selected plant. At present, the drying technology is developing rapidly, spray drying, fluidized bed drying, air flash dryer has a very wide range of research and application. For the characteristics of mineral products, combined with the new drying technology in other industries, air drying for mineral products was developed on the basis of efficient flash dryer, also known as rotating crushing air drying equipment.

1, Working principle and system composition
High performance flash dryer is a kind of drying equipment, drying medium to hot air. Efficient Flash steam dry machine of work principle for: air by blower, in hot Exchange device within heating backward into dry device, rotating of hot air and by to material machine falls of wet material contact, makes wet material surface quickly dry, due to rotating leaves of mechanical impact and high-speed rotating hot air of blow hit role, makes material in floating State Xia produced dramatic impact, and shear and friction, bond in with of material was loose and quickly dry. Material blade of axial thrust and swirling flow effect of tangential wind, Instant drying in the dryer (within seconds). Dry powder with the airflow into the cyclone separator and bag catcher, finished with star-shaped discharge discharge, discharge and exhaust fan.

2, the characteristics of the equipment
Host 1, dry
Using the principle of air and Flash drying, Flash drying design for airflow hybrid dryer. The agitator has five of its host mixer series, each series there are three forms of Assembly. Test applies to minerals form revolving device for windy, multi-level, HV 75640kJ hosts the volumetric heat transfer coefficient (h • m3), high thermal efficiency, above 90%, and solves the problem of blocked mine. Agitator speed range for 300-1400rmin, drive mechanism is simple and easy to maintain. In order to meet the drying characteristics of various types of minerals to design vertical (L-type) and horizontal (W) two host types. L-the host is not graded, and ratio of length to diameter, suitable for dry density and grain size fine minerals; W-type impeller with wear-resistant materials of the host, spacing from the end increased, suitable for dry density and grain size coarse mineral. W-type host address the structural problem of excessive wind need vertical.
2, collection systems
Absorb dry collection systems in the chemical industry (including the cyclone separator and bag catcher) technical advantages, developed rotating counter-hair dryer cylinder bag catcher and is suitable for mineral long cone cyclone of a single job. The collection system has following features: products collection rate in cyclone at can reached 85%-95%; bag device accounted for to area small, units area processing volume big, while pressure loss small, system equipped with of introduction wind machine power reduced, reached has energy-saving consumption of purpose; bag device of bag used acupuncture does filter cloth, has heat, and gas penetrating sex good of features, can guarantee material loss in 0.1% following, discharge of exhaust containing dust rate low, reached environmental requirements; cyclone device and bag device of combination using, Drying process of mineral products fully enclosed, high purity, high recovery rate, no pollution to the environment, and improves the operating conditions.
3, dry characteristics
In convection dry machine within set rotating dispersed device, dry machine within of hot air rotating rose, into dry machine of material in rotating dispersed device and high temperature hot air of common role Xia, in dry machine within full dispersion, than surface area quickly expanded, speed up has heat transfer biography quality speed, makes material fast dry, dry of material in contains wet body hot air of entrainment Xia, rotating suspended rose formed gas solid two-phase flow, by grading Hou by dry machine Hou Department of gas solid separation device output dry Hou of powder material.