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Horizontal Drier Claim
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Barium sulfate slurry wet material from 25% dry water to 10% of the process, Horizontal Drier the physical properties of a gradually become sticky and hardened after the process of loosening; select the two-blade dryer is suitable for this physical changes. Water 10% of the following materials loose and good mobility, the choice of disc dryer. Therefore, in the project using the first double pulp re-disc dry combination, Horizontal Drier double pulp and disc dryer are conductive dryer. The process for the former process of horizontal centrifugal centrifuge centrifugal separation of about 25% of the wet material first into the double-paddle dryer, pre-drying to 10% moisture content, Horizontal Drier to eliminate the material part of the sticky powder was loose after the powder, Horizontal Drier And then into the disc dryer for drying operations, and ultimately meet the wet requirements of the product.

The double paddle dryer is a conductive dryer. The body consists of jacket shell, double helix drying conveyor shaft, drive mechanism, roof, drainage system and other components. Horizontal Drier Internal heating Double helix conveyor Dryer Horizontal operation, housing jacket and dry conveyor shaft Passed in 0.6MPa steam, wet material from the dryer installed in the top of the cap on the feeding port into the dryer, Horizontal Drier in the rotating dry conveyor shaft Driven by the continuous rolling forward, the material in the process of moving heat to complete the drying operation; dry after the end of the dryer by the other end of the bottom of the discharge and discharge at the same time to complete the delivery process.

⑴ double blade drying machine processing a wide range of materials, Horizontal Drier can use different heat medium, can handle paste, granular, powder materials, both heat-sensitive materials can be processed, but also deal with the need for high temperature treatment of materials; ⑵ the entire drying process closed operation , In the mixing process, so that the material suddenly flip, the material particles fully contact with the heat transfer surface, in the axial range, the material temperature, humidity, mixing gradient is small, Horizontal Drier so as to ensure the stability of the process; The higher the heat transfer coefficient, the heat transfer coefficient can generally reach 80-350W / (㎡ · K); ⑶ double paddle dryer indirect heating materials, Horizontal Drier no large amount of air to carry heat, energy consumption is relatively low; ⑷ dryer The water vapor released from the material is discharged directly from the exhaust pipe at the top of the dryer. The main component of the exhaust gas is water vapor, Horizontal Drier the gas velocity is low, the dust is small, there is no entrainment problem of the dried product; Horizontal Drier the environmental pollution is small and the The dust recovery equipment investment; ⑸ double blade dryer can be continuous operation can also be intermittent operation, low-speed mixing and reasonable structure. Wear a small amount of maintenance costs are very low.

Disc continuous dryer is a new type of conductive drying equipment, the disc continuous dryer vertical work, by the drying plate, rake arm, mounted on the rake arm on a number of rake leaves, spindle, Horizontal Drier transmission, shell and other components; wet Material from the top of the feed port to join, hollow drying plate into the 250 ℃ heat transfer oil. The drying plate is divided into two kinds of large and small plates, arranged in the horizontal layer of the dryer, the drying plate is still stationary, Horizontal Drier the material is driven by the rake leaves on the market, and the inner edge of the market falls into the small plate The edge of the material in the small disk from the inside out, from the outer edge of the small disk into the broader market, Horizontal Drier the material in the dry disk by the rake leaves transport, flip, was Archimedes spiral trajectory movement, during the movement The drying process is carried out by the drying plate, and the drying process is carried out through the bottom of the dryer, and the whole process of drying is carried out. Horizontal Drier The water vapor released from the material is dusted by the pulse bag filter, By the fan to the atmosphere.