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Horizontal Drier Principle And Application
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Horizontal dryer dryer, also known as fluidized bed, it is composed of air filter, heater, ebullating bed host, cyclone separator, bag filter, high pressure centrifugal fan, console, due to the different nature of dry materials, Supporting dust removal equipment, according to need to consider, you can also choose cyclone separator, bag filter, you can also choose one.

Principle: clean hot air through the valve plate into the bed; from the feeder into the wet material is hot air to form a boiling state. Due to extensive contact with hot air and materials; enhanced heat and mass transfer process; so in a short period of time can be dry. From the end of the bed into the body, after dozens of seconds to a few minutes of boiling dry, automatically from the other end of the bed out. This device is normally operated in negative pressure.

Application: medicine and medicine, chemical raw materials, food, food processing, feed drying operations. Such as raw materials, tablets tablets, Chinese medicine granules, health food, beverage granules, corn germ, feed, plastic resin, citric acid and other powder granular materials, drying dehumidification. Applicable material particle size is generally 0.1 ~ 6mm, the best particle size of 0.5 ~ 3mm.

Description: The equipment must be placed flat, with anchor bolts fixed, the components sealed well; fan can be placed in the outdoor or word built silencer room. Plane layout can be adjusted according to the specific situation.

Dryer refers to a use of thermal energy to reduce the moisture content of the mechanical equipment, used to dry the object. The dryer removes the moisture from the material (generally refers to moisture or other volatile liquid components) by heating to obtain a solid material with a defined moisture content. The purpose of drying is for the purpose of material use or further processing. According to the operating pressure, the dryer is divided into two types of atmospheric pressure dryer and vacuum dryer, according to the operating pressure can be divided into atmospheric pressure and vacuum (vacuum dryer also known as vacuum dryer). The entry also details the adsorption dryer, the freeze dryer and the microwave dryer.

Humid and high temperature of the compressed air into the front cooler (high temperature type) heat into the heat exchanger and discharged from the evaporator cool air for heat exchange, so that the intake of compressed air to reduce the temperature.

After the heat transfer of compressed air into the evaporator through the evaporator heat transfer function and refrigerant heat exchange, compressed air heat is taken away by the refrigerant, compressed air quickly cooled, moisture in the air to reach the saturation temperature of the rapid condensation, After the condensation of water after the formation of water droplets, through a unique gas-water separator high-speed rotation, the role of centrifugal force and air separation, separation of water from the automatic drainage valve discharge. After cooling the air pressure dew point of up to 2 ℃.

The cool air after cooling is heat exchanged with the hot humid hot air at the inlet, and the heat exchange of the cold air increases the temperature by absorbing the heat of the inlet air while the compressed air is also passed through the secondary condenser of the refrigeration system (Peer-specific design) and high-temperature refrigerant again heat exchange so that the temperature of the outlet is fully heated to ensure that the outlet air line is not condensed. At the same time make full use of the export of cold air to ensure that the machine refrigeration system condensation effect to ensure that the machine exports the quality of air.