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Horizontal Drier Production Requirements
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Horizontal Drier Now the mainstream of the domestic type coal dryer has pirated dryer, mesh belt dryer, vertical dryer, tower dryer, box dryer, and so on, in which the horizontal copy dryer is the most suitable for the drying equipment of coal drying, the most suitable for drying various shapes of briquette and briquettes.

Because just produced the type of coal water content is large, not easy to store and transport, if the use of vertical dryer inside the type of coal broken very much, Horizontal Drier and the use of horizontal type coal dryer is basically no damage.

Horizontal type coal dryer according to the output of the ball press design pirated dryer layer, long width, according to the demand of production flexible design to meet customer needs of briquette drying.

Pirated-type coal dryer using the characteristics of the pirated carrier, sieve plate (not ordinary wire mesh belt) selection of heat-resistant steel into a mesh, Horizontal Drier with high strength, not easily deformed, good permeability. The replica is free and easy to dry coal briquettes and briquette. Compared with the mesh belt dryer in the network, the high temperature and humidity in the environment is not easy because of gravity deformation, eliminating the network belt dryer in the use of maintenance costs.

The duplicate type coal dryer has the automatic tensioning device, the chain board runs stably, flips freely, thus solves the drop chain, the card chain, runs slants and so on phenomenon.

The chain plate is driven by the speed regulating motor, Horizontal Drier which can adjust the running speed according to the need, according to the characteristic of briquette, control the drying time to achieve the best drying effect.

Horizontal type coal dryer kiln in the body temperature of the number of digital display, easy to master and control the kiln temperature. There are maintenance passages on both sides of the replica machine in the kiln to facilitate the maintenance and inspection of the equipment.

Equipped with fire prevention device, kiln head, Horizontal Drier kiln, kiln tail, equipped with three thermocouples, flue gas inlet with a smoke gate, once the mechanical failure, immediately put down the gate, cut off the heat source to prevent fire.

The use of negative pressure induced by the wind, the dust is small, the hot air distribution, the inlet and the bottom of the chimney is equipped with ash pool, dust emission standards, the two sides of the pirated spiral automatic ash removal device, simple and convenient. Positive pressure blowing, large dust, Horizontal Drier the production site pollution is serious, and the cloth duct easy to plug. Negative pressure induced wind kiln tail wind temperature ≤ 100 Shan, small dust content, lead fan service life long, low operating costs.

Design from the tail low temperature zone goal, low temperature zone ball, coal briquettes from the low-temperature zone gradient heating, high-temperature gradient heating, to avoid the formation of $number moisture after the coal because of the rapid heating and cracking, burst, low breakage rate. This is aimed at the characteristics of briquette itself design, effectively improve the production of briquette quality.

Hot-blast stove heating using chain furnace automatic heating equipment, automatic coal, automatic slag removal, high thermal efficiency, coal species to adapt to a wide range of clean and environmental protection, provincial labor.