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Horizontal Drier Water Content Is Large
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Briquette dryer, also known as briquette dryer, Horizontal Drier briquette drying furnace, is Hong Tao machinery for large briquette production line drying needs of the production of briquette drying machinery, briquette dryer type is relatively more.

Now the mainstream of domestic briquette dryer has a replica dryer, Horizontal Drier mesh belt dryer, vertical dryer, tower dryer, van dryer, etc., which horizontal pantograph dryer is the most suitable drying baking equipment drying , The most suitable for drying all kinds of briquette and briquettes.

Because the just produced briquette water content is large, Horizontal Drier not easy to store and transport, if the use of vertical dryer inside the briquette is very much broken, and the use of horizontal briquette dryer is basically no damage.

Horizontal briquette dryer According to the production of pressure ball machine design Dough dryer layer number, length and width, according to the needs of the production of flexible design to meet the customer's briquette drying needs.

Replacement of the type of coal dryer with the characteristics of the replica as a transport carrier, sieve plate (not an ordinary steel mesh belt) selected heat-resistant steel into a mesh, with high strength, Horizontal Drier easy deformation, good ventilation. Replacement on the free, Horizontal Drier easy to dry briquettes and briquette. Compared with the mesh belt in the dryer, it is not easy to deform due to gravity due to the high temperature and humidity environment, which eliminates the maintenance cost caused by the use of the mesh belt dryer.

Replaced briquette dryer with automatic tensioning device, Horizontal Drier chain plate running smoothly, flip freely, thus solving the chain, card chain, deviation and so on.

Chain plate by the speed motor drive, according to the need to adjust the speed of operation, according to the characteristics of coal itself, control the drying time, in order to achieve the best drying effect.

Horizontal type of coal dryer kiln body temperature digital display, easy to master and control the kiln temperature. Kiln inverting machine on both sides of the maintenance channel, easy to carry out maintenance testing equipment.

Equipped with fire protection device, kiln head, kiln, kiln, with three thermocouple, flue inlet with smoke gate, once the mechanical failure, immediately put down the gate, cut off the heat source to prevent the fire.

Using negative pressure cited wind, dust is small, uniform distribution of hot air, air inlet and chimney at the bottom of the ash pool, dust discharge standards, replica two with automatic screw removal device, simple and convenient. Positive pressure blast, dust, the production site pollution is serious, Horizontal Drier and cloth duct easily blocked. Negative pressure cited kiln tail air temperature ≤ 100 ℃, dust content is small, induced draft fan long life, low operating costs.

Designed from the end of the low-temperature area of the ball, the ball out of the ball, the briquettes from the low temperature gradient heating, Horizontal Drier high temperature gradient heating, to avoid the formation of 8-10% moisture after the briquettes due to rapid heat and crack, burst, The This is designed for the characteristics of briquette itself, effectively improving the quality of the production of briquette.

Hot stove heating using chain furnace automatic heating equipment, Horizontal Drier automatic coal, automatic slag removal, high thermal efficiency, Horizontal Drier coal to adapt to wide, clean and environmentally friendly, save time and labor.