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Horizontal Dryer Performance Characteristics
- May 10, 2017 -

Each time the horizontal dryer / Horizontal type dryer / horizontal dryer machine before or after the operation should be half-hour and empty operation, both moving conveyor, hoist, hot air, cooler and seed motor, horizontal dryer to confirm no normal phenomenon, and then to the seeds.

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Loaded seed
Dry start can be filled with wet seeds,horizontal drier / horizontal dryer first self-drying. First install half of the low moisture seeds, and then filled with high moisture seeds, direct continuous drying.
Preheat dry
After the seed is filled, horizontal type dryer the hot air stove is ignited, and the fans are started in sequence. The temperature is raised from the temperature to the normal temperature. The temperature is 10-30min (according to the moisture content of the seed, the water is too long and the water time is short) After the start of the cycle of drying or continuous drying operations.
Breeding and sorting speed
When the discharged seeds do not reach the moisture required for safe moisture, they should be circulated and dried. Horizontal dryer to remove the seeds of moisture to reach a safe moisture, can enter a continuous drying operations. The rate of seed selection should be based on the moisture content of the wet seed and whether or not the required moisture is reached. The water is slow and the water is low.

Hot air temperature

When the precipitation is large, the hot air temperature should be based on the different seeds, horizontal dryer control the upper limit temperature is appropriate,Horizontal Drier when the rainfall is small, may be appropriate to reduce the temperature and speed up the seed selection speed.
Horizontal drying machine normal operation
According to the wet seed varieties, the original water, precipitation and hot air temperature, to determine the normal operation of the indicators, horizontal dryer and in the console to adjust these data accurately. At this time to ensure that dry seeds, wet seeds can be continuous out, it is necessary to accurately adjust the seeding speed, so that the entire production process in a continuous state of normal work. This work is more complex, according to the final moisture after testing the seeds to adjust to keep the machine wet seeds are always between the upper and lower level, so that the lower part of the dryer continuous row, the upper continuous seed, Horizontal Drier and the dry seeds Just within the required range of moisture, so as to ensure a stable and continuous operation of the dryer.
Every half an hour sampling test once, check the dry seed moisture content, such as high water seed, you should reduce the seeding speed, that is, increase the seed in the machine drying time. Such as the discharge of seed moisture is too low, should improve the seeding speed, that is, to reduce the seed in the machine drying time.
Always pay attention to the instrument on the console, lights and alarm devices.

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