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Nano Powder Machine Material Parts
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Method and device for organic coated metal nano powder. The method comprises the following steps: firstly, vacuuming the preparation device of the organic coated metal nano powder and then introducing hydrogen gas, Nano Powder  Machine organic gas and inert gas as the metal nanometer powder to transport and protect the gas to the discharge tube; and opening the high frequency High-voltage power supply, Nano Powder  Machine adjust its operating frequency and voltage until a uniform, stable and continuous high-pressure plasma is generated in the discharge tube; the metal nano-powder enters the high-pressure plasma zone under the directional transport of the inert gas flow; the directional injection of the metal nanometer powder Transport through the high-pressure plasma area, Nano Powder  Machine nano-powder strong surface adsorption capacity will cause the charged hydrocarbon ions / atoms attached to the powder surface, Nano Powder  Machine which will be coated with nano-powder. The coating method and the preparation device of the invention can cover the surface of the metal nano powder with several nanometer thick and controllable hydrocarbon layer.

Usually the material (such as metal or ceramic) in a sealed room, and then filled with inert gas helium, Nano Powder  Machine and then laser or electron beam to heat them into steam, Nano Powder  Machine so the atoms of the material in the helium cooling into smoke, smoke sticky Attached to a cooling rod to become the same carbon black powder, these powder can be molded into a part of the product, Nano Powder  Machine or through a sintering process made of nano-materials parts.

The use of nano-materials a lot. Such as the production of high-density tape; Nano Powder  Machine some new drugs in the preparation of nanoparticles and injected into the blood vessels can be successfully into the microvascular; nano-sized catalyst dispersed in gasoline can improve the efficiency of internal combustion engine; nano-sized lead powder added to solid fuel , Can increase the speed of solid rocket (this is because the finer the powder, the larger the surface area, can enhance the surface activity). In short, Nano Powder  Machine the future of nano-materials immeasurable, the use will be more and more widely.