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NanoPowder MachineVery Wide
- Jul 24, 2017 -

In the industrial field, the coated powder material is a kind of surface engineering application material, Nano Powder  Machine which is coated on the surface of the substrate to play abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, anti-aging, meet the light, Nano Powder  Machine electricity, magnetic and other special Function or function. With the manufacture of some products more and more fine, more and more demanding service conditions, the requirements for surface coating materials also put forward higher requirements. It has been found that when the characteristic scale of a material is reduced to a nanometer scale, Nano Powder  Machine it will be significantly different from the nature of the material in the macroscopic world due to the small size effect, the quantum effect, the interface or the surface effect. Nano Powder  Machine It also led scientists to an idea of the integration of nanotechnology with surface engineering.

Surface engineering is a special field, it is the combination of materials and technology industry, only the material, and the coating process is not good or not economic, Nano Powder  Machine but also can not be carried out. Thermal spraying is a relatively mature technology, its use is the most popular, the most cost-effective. How to use thermal spraying technology to spray nano-materials, was once considered a difficult problem. Because nanoparticles are a tiny particle, if the thermal spray operation, the nanoparticles will be instantly ablated or blown away, Nano Powder  Machine the material can not reach the substrate, more likely to form an effective functional coating. Nano Powder  Machine The solution is to agglomerate the nanoparticles to form micron-sized particles. In this way, both the special effects of nano-materials, but also the implementation of thermal spraying process.

Nano-coating applications are very extensive, Nano Powder  Machine especially in the aeroengine and gas turbine (two) hot end components applications, has a more important significance. Because the two machines are not only a national science and technology, industry, an important symbol of the economy, Nano Powder  Machine known as the town of treasure, modern industry, "the crown of the pearl", and two aircraft equipment in our national defense construction in an important strategic position. Experts predict that the next 10 years, China's aviation market size of more than one trillion yuan. So our country has a more urgent need for both equipment and its key materials, Nano Powder  Machine including coating materials.

Thermal barrier coating (TBC) is mainly used in aircraft engines, turbines and turbine blades, to protect the high temperature alloy matrix from high temperature oxidation and corrosion, play insulation, improve the engine inlet temperature and improve the engine thrust weight ratio of a Ceramic coating material. Nano Powder  Machine With the engine, turbine performance, Nano Powder  Machine especially military aircraft engine blade temperature is getting higher and higher, the original material has been unable to adapt to the development of new coating materials become urgent needs of the military industry.