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Powder Nano Machine The Role Of High-speed Airflow
- May 10, 2017 -

Airflow powder nano machine is the use of materials in the role of high-speed air flow, access to a huge kinetic energy in the powder nano machine room caused by high-speed collision between the material particles, severe friction, while high-speed air flow on the material shear To achieve the purpose of crushing the material, it can be processed into a very fine powder (<10μm). The application of this technology is almost all the fine processing industry, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, mining, metal materials, in many specific areas of powder occupies a special position.

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At present, there are several types of air powder nano machine used in industry: flat type airflow mill, fluidized bed to jet type air jet mill,nano powder machine circulating pipe type air mill, spray jet mill, target airflow mill Which flat air mill, fluidized bed on the jet air mill, circulating pipe air mill is more widely used, it is to do a simple description of the working principle:
1, flat air mill
As the crushing kinetic energy of the high-pressure air into the powder nanometer machine chamber outside the regulator gas storage as a gas distribution station, Nano Powder  Machine the air through the Laval nozzle to accelerate into the supersonic air flow into the grinding chamber, while the material through the Venturi nozzle to accelerate the introduction of crushed Grinding within the grinding chamber. As the Laval nozzle and the crushing chamber installed into an acute angle, so the high-speed jet in the crushing chamber to promote the material to do the circular motion, between particles and particles and fixed target wall surface impact, collision, friction and crushing. Fine particles in the centripetal airflow driven into the center of the pulverizer outlet pipe into the cyclone to collect, coarse powder in the role of centrifugal force was thrown to the crushing chamber to do circular motion and continue to crush.
2, fluidized bed on the jet air mill
Material through the screw feeder into theNano Powder Machine  nano-powder machine cavity, by a number of relatively different nozzles spray out of high-speed air impact energy, and the rapid expansion of the fluid was fluidized bed suspended boiling and collision, friction on the material crushed The The mixed powder is driven by a negative pressure air flow through the top of the turbo grading device, the fine powder forced through the grading device, and collected by the cyclone collector and bag filter, coarse powder by gravity and high-speed rotation of the classification device generated centrifugal force rejection To the walls and settle to return to the crushing chamber to continue to crush.
3, circulating pipe air mill
The raw material is fed into the crushing chamber by the venturi nozzle, and the high pressure air is injected into the runner-shaped circulation tubular crushing chamber with different diameter curvature through a set of nozzles. The nanometer powder accelerates the particles to crush with each other. At the same time, the swirling flow also drives the crushed particles to enter the grading area along the pipeline, and the dense stream is shunted by the centrifugal force field in the grading zone, and the fine particles are discharged in the inner layer by the louver type inertial classifier. The coarse particles are returned to the outer layer along the downstream tube to continue the recirculation.
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