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Scope Vacuum Belt Dryer
- Feb 13, 2017 -

Scope vacuum belt dryer
Cryogenic liquid vacuum multi-layer belt type drying machine, is a continuous intake and discharge in a vacuum State, set the drying and crushing of vacuum belt-drying equipment. Apply to malt, malted milk, cane sugar, beet sugar, dextrin, cereal, corn syrup, rice flour, honey, coffee and a variety of carbohydrate and high sugar content of various substances that dry, this machine for high alcohol concentration, high viscosity of Chinese medicine extract solved a big problem.
This not only applies to carbohydrate food and Chinese medicine extract, polysaccharide applies equally to Chinese and Western medicines, pharmaceuticals, bio-engineering, chemical raw materials, food additives and other low temperature drying liquid paste raw materials, especially for high viscosity, easy Pellet, thermoplastic, heat-sensitive product drying;