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Vacuum Drier Material Temperature
- May 22, 2017 -

The progress of vacuum dryer technology will reverse the current domestic export situation of drying equipment. China's vacuum dryer equipment export volume is still less than the total of 5%, Vacuum Drier the size of the export market has not shaped, the main recently sold to Southeast Asia.

Today's domestic drying machine technology, drying process needs to consume a lot of heat, in order to save energy, some of the high moisture content of materials, Vacuum Drier solids containing suspension or solution generally by mechanical dehydration or heating evaporation, and then drying in the dryer in order to get dry solids. Here, Changzhou vacuum dryer manufacturers to tell you about the vacuum dryer working principle: During the drying process, the heat and mass (moisture) must be finished simultaneously to ensure that the moisture content of the material surface is higher than the wet steam partial pressure in the external space, Vacuum Drier and the heat source temperature is higher than the material temperature.

Heat from the high-temperature heat source in a variety of ways to transfer to wet materials, so that the surface of the material evaporation and disperse to the outside space, so that the material surface and the internal moisture content difference. The internal wet-divided surface diffuses and evaporates, so that the moisture content of the material is continuously reduced and the drying of the Vacuum Drier whole material is gradually completed.

It is predicted that with the development of technology, China's exports of vacuum dryer equipment in the next few years will increase from 5% to 10% of total production, export market will also expand to Europe and the United States. Gradually shorten the domestic large-scale vacuum dryer equipment manufacturing and international level gap.

Quality assurance and risk avoidance in vacuum Vacuum Drier belt dryer purchasing

Although vacuum belt dryer has obvious advantages in many technical fields and traditional drying equipment, such as spray drying and vacuum dryer, it is still expensive in price relative to traditional equipment. and the current domestic vacuum belt dryer manufacturing enterprises have a herd trend, manufacturers of technical strength of uneven fish, some conditions do not have a manufacturer only hope that through Vacuum Drier low-cost competition to seize the market, the result of some use units in the introduction of equipment can not operate normally caused serious economic loss. In fact, each device has its advantages but also has shortcomings, vacuum belt dryer is also so, it also has a lot of the drying field can not be involved. So choose the vacuum belt drying machine must Vacuum Drier be extra cautious, to their own enterprise products drying process is suitable, the manufacturing strength of equipment manufacturers, the use of vacuum belt dryer can produce economic benefits such as serious judgment, inspection and evaluation, must not blindly investment, quick success, or once the device was introduced after the discovery and the original is very different from the prediction of regret.