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Vacuum Drier Preventative Maintenance
- Aug 09, 2017 -

With the wide application of double cone rotary vacuum dryer in production, Vacuum Drier there are some problems in the process of application, and the following will focus on some common problems and corresponding solutions.

Because the amount of the dryer is related to the bulk density of the material (the material quality of the unit volume), in general, the proportion of material in the dryer design is 0.6 $literal to calculate, if exceed this proportion, on the one hand will affect the drying efficiency of the material; Vacuum Drier On the other hand, long time operation will reduce the motor, turbine reducer and sprocket, Vacuum Drier chain, bearings and other service life. Under normal circumstances, double cone rotary vacuum dryer filling rate (actual filling volume and dry cylinder volume ratio) is usually between ~ 50%, and can not cover the double cone dryer inside the vacuum cover, otherwise affect the drying rate.

In the practical production application, when filling the vacuum, the double cone rotary vacuum drying opportunity appears as the vacuum tube bends, sealing sleeve damage, Vacuum Drier filter head deformation and even fracture phenomenon, this is because in the drying process into the air into the tank recoil filter head, at this time the tank has reached a higher vacuum, will cause positive and negative airflow of the powerful impact of the vacuum system damage. Therefore, in the material drying after the need to empty tank, Vacuum Drier emptying must use the emptying valve to control its flow, that is, the valve opened a little bit before the vacuum in the tank gradually reduced, and then slowly increased; or add pressure relief valve, and then control the flow into the air.

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer in the drying process will often be a vacuum through the low or too high, which will not only affect the efficiency of material drying and material quality, Vacuum Drier but also affect the production safety of the workshop. Although the higher the vacuum degree, the more favorable to the water at low temperature vaporization, but the vacuum through high heat conduction, affect the drying effect on the material.

Causes a vacuum to be too low or too high, Vacuum Drier there may be 4 reasons:

(1) Leakage of mechanical seals at the vacuum end;

(2) leakage or blockage of vacuum piping;

(3) filter plug;

(4) Because hot water or steam temperature is too low, Vacuum Drier the material solvent is difficult to evaporate. In order to solve such problems, it is necessary to consider the temperature of hot water and steam in the dryer, and to conduct regular inspection during the process of use, while maintaining maintenance and cleaning.

In the actual production, for the rotary cylinder of the glass-lined liner, if the use and maintenance is not correct, very easy to damage. Especially for the partial acid and alkaline materials, dry out of the material is not clean, the material easy to knot wall, damage the cylinder body gall, Vacuum Drier affect the service life of the dryer. To solve such problems, just according to the nature of the material to choose the right dryer, in the use of materials in the process of clean, regular inspection, while maintaining maintenance, cleaning and so on.

In the process of drying machine, because the foundation of dryer is loose, Vacuum Drier worm gear reducer (gearbox) damage, bearing damage, the chain too loose or too tight, and other causes of noise too big, for the reducer, bearings and chain damage, only regular inspection, Vacuum Drier pay attention to add lubricating oil, timely troubleshooting, do a good job of preventive maintenance.