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Vacuum Drier The Working Principle Of
- Sep 08, 2017 -

Vacuum dryer is a kind of equipment which is under negative pressure to dry. It is used to reduce the boiling point of material solvent under empty state, so it is suitable for drying unstable or heat-sensitive materials. The vacuum dryer has good sealing properties, so it is suitable for the solvent and materials with strong stimulation and poisonous gas

The working principle of

Heat energy (such as hot water, low pressure steam or heat conduction oil) in the closed interlayer, and the heat is passed through the inner shell to the dry material.

Under the power drive, the tank is rotating slowly, and the materials in the tank are continuously mixed, thus achieving the purpose of strengthening dry.

The material is in a vacuum state, the vapor pressure drop makes the moisture (solvent) of the material surface to be saturated and evaporates, and the vacuum pump is discharged in time. The water (solvent) in the material continuously permeates, evaporates and educates the surface, and the three processes are continuously carried out. The material can achieve the dry purpose in a short time.

Vacuum rake

Features: large area sandwich heating method; Large heat transfer surface; High thermal efficiency. The machine is set to stir. To form a continuous loop state in the barrel; The heat uniformity of the material is further improved. The machine is set to stir. Thus the pulping can be carried out smoothly; Dry paste, paste material.

Application: medicine, food, chemical industry and other industries to dry the following materials, suitable for slurry, paste, powdery materials. Heat-sensitive materials requiring low temperature drying; Oxidation, explosive, strong stimulation, sawing materials; Requirements for recycling of organic solvents.

Principle: it is a novel horizontal vacuum drying equipment which is improved based on the technology of Shanghai chemical equipment research institute. The wet material is evaporating through conduction; The material with the scraper agitator to remove the hot surface continuously; The circulation flow is formed in the container. The water evaporates and is pumped out by a vacuum pump.

Tubular vacuum

Vacuum dryer can be widely used in medicine, food, light industry, chemical and other industries of powder, granule, pill flake, dry paste or other materials, but also can be used in solvent recycle material dry. Technical parameters: model index

YZG - 2 YZG - 5 YZG - 9 YZG - 13

The size of the dryer

(diameter x length x height) Φ 600 x1200x1020 Φ 1000 x1900x1500 Φ 1200 x1900x1600 Φ x2600x2600 1400

The drying temperature 35 ℃ 35-150-150

Vacuum degree, MPa 0.08-0.080.08-0.080.08-0. 0.08 098-0. 098

Baking disk size, mm 310x600x45250x410x45350x 500x45400x600x45

Baking tray number 4, 20, 36, 42

Volume, m3 0. 3 to 1. 2 to 1. August 3. 5

Steam pressure MPa (table pressure) 0. 05-0. 3 to 0. 05-0. 3 to 0. 05-0. 3 to 0. 05-0.3

Dry instrument weight, kg - 250

The heating area, m2, 2, 5