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Vertical Drier Automatic Feed Mode
- May 22, 2017 -

For the Vertical Drier automatic feeding method of powder, there have been equipment manufacturers have tried to use negative pressure pneumatic conveying method, known as "vacuum suction material." This way the transmission distance is short, the transportation volume is also small, is easier to block, only a few cases can be used, especially can not be used for solvent-based coating production. Vertical Drier This approach has been used in recent years for some coating equipment manufacturers, but still need manual weighing, add powder workshop must be placed in the vicinity of production equipment, is not a reasonable way.

Different factories produce various products, Vertical Drier production is different, the need to add the variety and quantity of powder is also different. In addition, the original plant layout is not so easy to change, in the vicinity of the production workshop to decorate a separate powder feeding workshop is not all the factory can accept. In particular, the more advanced, large-scale coating, ink factory, Vertical Drier usually a variety of products, large production, large factory surface, the safety and environmental requirements of higher, the stability of the production requirements are higher. This requires equipment manufacturers to a variety of Vertical Drier powder conveying technology and conveying equipment more comprehensive grasp.

The pressure-sending dense-phase pneumatic conveying is applied in the coatings industry, and the trial production has achieved good results. In practical application, it realizes the stable conveying of many varieties, long-distance and large quantities. Based on the mastery of this more mature and applicable technology, as well as the mastery of the bucket elevator, screw conveyor and other equipment, Vertical Drier it has formed a solution to provide airtight powder conveying and feeding, which can provide different equipment configuration for the actual situation of different factories, and provide possible for the whole airtight automatic production.

The powder conveying program can be divided into five parts:

Feed and Storage System

The various packaging powder according to the variety of storage to their respective powder warehouse;

Distribution and measurement system

According to the formula, the different kinds of powder are measured separately and stored in the sending tank in order to be transported;

Transmission and redistribution System

The different kinds of powder are transported separately and distributed to different reactions;

Dust removal and recovery system

The receiving tank is connected with the atmosphere by the protection of the Dust collector and provides the dust removal protection when the powder is added to the powder bin;

Automatic control system

PLC as the control core, mainly relies on pneumatic Vertical Drier device to manipulate the whole system.

The advantages mentioned above are due to the maturity of the application and mastery of pneumatic conveying technology. Positive pressure dense phase pneumatic conveying technology is applied in coatings, ink industry, for more advanced factories, it can meet long-distance, many varieties, multiple transport targets, both large quantities of transport also has small quantities of transportation, from the principle to avoid blockage, residue, Vertical Drier is more superior transportation technology.