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Vertical Drier Cleaning Work
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Pipe chain conveyor Maintenance of several key: cleaning, Vertical Drier fastening, adjustment, lubrication, anti-corrosion. In the ordinary production process, each machine maintenance staff should do, according to the Anqiu mechanical chain Conveyor maintenance manual and maintenance procedures, according to the strict cycle of the maintenance work, reduce the wear speed of parts, Vertical Drier eliminate the hidden trouble, Vertical Drier prolong the service life of the machine.

Maintenance is divided into: routine maintenance, regular maintenance (min: A level of maintenance, two level maintenance, three maintenance), special maintenance (min: For the seasonal maintenance, stop maintenance).

Level A maintenance work is on the basis of routine maintenance, Vertical Drier the focus of the work is lubrication, fastening and inspection of the relevant parts and cleaning work.

Second-class maintenance work to check, adjust as the focus. Specifically, the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components should be inspected.

Level Three maintenance focus is to detect, adjust, Vertical Drier eliminate trouble and balance the wear degree of the components. In order to carry out the necessary replacement, adjustment and trouble shooting, we should make the diagnosis and status check of the parts which affect the performance of the equipment and the symptom of the malfunction.

Seasonal maintenance refers to the packaging equipment every year summer and before the winter should focus on the burning system, hydraulic system, cooling system and start-up system components such as detection and repair.

Stop maintenance refers to the packaging equipment due to seasonal factors (such as winter break) and other needs to be stopped for a period of time should be done clean, cosmetic, ancillary, Vertical Drier anti-corrosion and other work.

Mixing station pneumatic cement powder butterfly valve is composed of two half valve body made of gravity casting, the half valve body is aluminum alloy material, the rotary valve plate is made of macromolecule material, and has good sealing property. The top and bottom of the same round flange, Vertical Drier with a top flange and a hem part, suitable for a flexible casing.

Pneumatic cement butterfly valve is mainly used for switch material box, hopper and silo with powdery or granular material. It can be applied to all powdery and granular materials, and the valve uses its own gravity for intercepting and pneumatic transmission of dry materials. Can be installed in the hopper, bin, silo, spiral or other types of conveyor below, as well as the connection of pneumatic transmission pipeline. Vertical Drier Because of the special structure of the valve and the use of engineering materials, it is always a very economical and highly efficient choice.

How to solve these difficulties in the process of powder conveying system? Some international professional powder engineering companies mainly use positive pressure conveying + counterweight tank, screw metering counterweight + negative pressure transmission, and negative pressure conveying + automatic batching tank process. Vertical Drier Negative pressure conveying + batching tank This method is a new combination method adopted by many foreign enterprises in recent years. It can effectively solve many problems existing in the powder conveying process, Vertical Drier such as low energy consumption, low cost, low maintenance and so on, Vertical Drier through the linkage of the metering instrument and the negative pressure conveying equipment on the counterweight tank and the whole control system of PLC. With high measurement precision measuring instruments, Vertical Drier not only can complete accurate metering, automatic batching and conveying tasks, but also effective protection of the environment.