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Vertical Drier Easy To Produce
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Vertical Drier Conventional powder equipment mainly in Raymond Mill and medium and high speed mill, the general powder equipment is composed of milling, analysis, dust removal system, which is the powder conveying system is the most important step to finish grinding. At present, Vertical Drier most of the latest powder equipment can be processed to the powder, fine degree of stability and through the probability of screening more than 99%, and the use of three-dimensional mechanical structure, covers a relatively small area, from raw materials to finished powder can be independent of a production system, controllability is strong and easy to operate workers.

In the flour milling production line, Vertical Drier the equipment after the traditional system to drive the central axis of rotation, the center shaft constantly rotating driving grinding rod around the grinding ring, and then drive the powder equipment mainframe grinding chamber. The workers on the production line only need to put the raw material into the powder equipment entrance department to start the machine, raw materials will be broken with the crusher treatment, when the raw material in the crusher to a certain extent, Vertical Drier through the hoist conveyor to the powder equipment vibration feeder Grinding Machine for the mainframe, when the raw material through the mainframe grinding room after the grinding, in Shanghai powder conveying equipment fan air flow driven into the separator grading collection, raw material milling completed.

In the selection of milling machine, in addition to the powder conveying system to consider the production process and process, but also need to consider whether the milling system is suitable for grinding their own production line of raw materials, because different powder equipment in the process and process will be different from the hardness of raw materials and slightly different. Of course, when measuring the selection of powder equipment, we need to consider and calculate the three important indexes, Vertical Drier such as the consumption of machine power, consumption of spare parts and the cost of maintenance and maintenance, as well as the actual production problems such as the installation and operation of the machine and the control personnel.

Superfine powder Materials and 120 Shan of hot air are fed into the air volume chamber by the inlet of the material by spraying in the drying chamber, the rapid negative pressure flash drying is carried out in the dry cavity, and the micro powder after drying enters the crushing cavity, Vertical Drier and the 160m in the crushing cavity is rotated at high speed, drive the powder material high speed spiral rise, form huge centrifugal force; at the same time, in the spiral rise process, the powder continuously with the cylinder body wall static sawtooth and the fast rotation of the solution gathers the wheel to produce the huge collision force, Vertical Drier the friction and the shearing force. When the forces of centrifugal force, collision force, friction and shearing force are far more than the surface energy of the soft agglomeration of ultrafine powder particles, the powder particles will be fully dispersed and completely solved in a very short time (1-2S). The ultrafine powders after being completely solved are entered into the mixing chamber with severe turbulence form, and the two modifiers and dispersants after liquefaction are separated from 8 by compressed air. 9, 103 entrances were injected into the mixing cavity for complex modification and dispersion treatment, because of the difference of space position and time between two kinds of modifier and dispersant, it is very advantageous for the complex modification and dispersing treatment. By forming chemical bonds or physical entanglement, The surface modifier and the dispersant and the superfine powder form a solid chemical bond coupling or mechanical physical entanglement, which eventually forms a complete monolayer coating.