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Vertical Drier Is Of Great Significance
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Vertical Dryer Maintenance:

1. Day Maintenance

Shan every day with soft cotton cloth to wipe the equipment to keep the appearance neat.

Shan every day before starting to check the gas source triple pieces, when the oil level is not enough to add lubricating oil, and will be discharged water.

Shan Daily cleaning of the Dust collection box in the velvet, to ensure good ventilation, so that equipment to play the best drying effect.

2. Vertical Drier Monthly Maintenance

Shan Open the trunk lid and use a soft cotton cloth to clean the interior of the equipment.

Shan the bearings and other moving parts to add lubricating oil to reduce friction.

Shan Check the Belt tensioning Force, adjust the pulley.

Shan on the vibration after the easy to cause loosening and shedding parts, including electrical wiring, door rocker arm, pipe joints, etc. to be strong.

3. Vertical Drier Annual Maintenance

Shan check if the fixed bolts on the base are loose and solid.

Shan Check support spring connection tightness and adjust.

Shan Check the grounding of the equipment and ensure reliable.

Shan Check the control of the computer board, the flexibility of the wind wheel and heat exchanger.

Shan to the equipment on the temperature meter and other instruments sent to the local Technical Supervision Bureau measurement.

With the adjustment of coal industry structure, the concentration degree of industry will be developed to the direction of high efficiency and specialization, and the vertical dryer of briquette equipment is of great significance to promote the efficiency of coal enterprises, energy saving and emission reduction, Vertical Drier environmental protection and so on. In recent years, the production technology of Briquette has been paid more and more attention by the Government, and the vertical dryer has been praised by consumers. Vertical dryer to realize the production process of briquette harmless, resource and industrialization, Central Asia vertical dryer equipment Compact structure, advanced technology, low energy consumption, small footprint, good operating environment, drying process 0 pollution by users.

Vertical dryer operation Process heat energy needs to be timely and efficient use to more efficient drying materials, vertical dryer heat energy can not be taken away in time or circulation is not smooth words will have an impact on the whole dryer system, and to the type of coal producers to increase operating costs.

Also hope that vertical dryer users will be able to look at the long-term, in the selection of coal pressure ball machine equipment drying machine to consider the cost-effective and advanced technology requirements, so as to achieve more long-term development and high profits.