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Vertical Drier Maintenance
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Chain conveyor conveyor maintenance of several key: clean, fastening, adjustment, Vertical Drier lubrication, corrosion. In the usual production process, Vertical Drier the various machine maintenance staff should be done, according to Anqiu Bo Yang mechanical chain conveyor maintenance manual and maintenance procedures, Vertical Drier according to the provisions of the cycle of the strict implementation of the maintenance work to reduce the wear speed of parts to eliminate the failure Of the hidden dangers, to extend the life of the machine.

Maintenance is divided into: routine maintenance, Vertical Drier regular maintenance (points: a maintenance, two maintenance, three maintenance), special maintenance (points: for the season maintenance, maintenance).

Routine maintenance is centered on cleaning, Vertical Drier lubrication, inspection and fastening, and routine maintenance is required at work and after work.

First-class maintenance work is carried out on the basis of routine maintenance, the focus of work is to lubricate, tighten and check the relevant parts and their cleaning work.

Secondary maintenance work to check, adjust as the focus. Vertical Drier Specifically check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and braking components.

Three maintenance focus is to detect, adjust, remove the hidden trouble and balance the wear and tear of the various parts. To the use of equipment performance and the location of the fault signs of the site for diagnostic testing and status check, and then complete the necessary replacement, Vertical Drier adjustment and troubleshooting work.

Seasonal maintenance refers to the packaging equipment every year into the summer and before winter should focus on the combustion system, hydraulic system, cooling system and start the system and other components of the detection and repair.

Discontinued maintenance refers to the packaging equipment due to seasonal factors (such as winter off) and so need to be disabled for some time should be done clean, Vertical Drier plastic surgery, matching, anti-corrosion and so on.

In the case of the first heap powder transportation, Vertical Drier the transportation process of the powder is not perfect because of the uncertainties such as humidity, Vertical Drier viscosity, particle size, fluidity, bulk density and static electricity. Coupled with some powder material also has flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful and other special properties, so that the powder delivery is more difficult to get a good solution, which is bundled enterprise technology to improve and improve product quality of a problem, And even affect the development of enterprises. In terms of powder ingredients, because most of the enterprises using artificial ingredients, Vertical Drier feeding the production mode, easily lead to dust flying, and pollute the environment, affecting the health of the operator, but also restricts the process of enterprise modernization. And widely used in the chemical industry, positive pressure pneumatic conveying and weight tank combination of the way, although the transmission capacity, Vertical Drier long transport distance, the logistics can be continuous transmission, and high-speed transport of objects, but can not solve the pipeline due to accumulation of material Plug the phenomenon, while the quality requirements of the pipeline is also very high, both anti-wear, but also anti-static, and equipment complex, cumbersome, Vertical Drier difficult to install, due to serious wear and tear equipment and equipment, so the equipment input and operating costs are compared expensive. In contrast, the screw gauge weighting method has more technical advantages. The use of screw metering device, the measurement accuracy is high, in the transport process will not appear clogging the phenomenon of materials, Vertical Drier food, fine chemical industry is more common use of a metering delivery. But the disadvantage is the installation is not convenient, Vertical Drier easy to clean. Vibration transmission measurement method to ensure a large amount of delivery and a certain degree of measurement accuracy, because the ingredients system equipment covers an area of large, Vertical Drier easy to install, and the batching distance is subject to a large extent, so the system is also used in a large Restrictions.