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Vertical Drier The Reasonable Design
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Vertical dryer for vertical cylinder is made up of the name, the vertical kiln, also known as vertical dryer, is targeted at type coal and mineral powder ball pellets of dehydration, reasonable design, high heat utilization rate, drying effect is good, the air volume is adjustable. Due to vertical dryer stand, the dryer is flat, because the vertical drier compared with dryer, more save space, of course, drier and drum dryer essence is not the same, for that can use the dryer can dry machine production line, with vertical dryer is greatly save the space.

Working principle

After forming, the "water ball" is carried by the belt conveyor to the top of the furnace and distributed evenly to the top of the top of the furnace. In its orbit, type coal moves on the side of its orbit and moves slowly to the side with the strong wind. The moisture from the coal is picked up by the strong winds. The evaporation process of the type coal for two hours or so is fully dry. Economic characteristics: compared with the current return type drying oven, the investment is reduced by a half. The area is 1/5-1/3; Energy consumption and operating costs are greatly reduced. Use features: this product is well matched and easy to be connected and automated in the production line. The equipment is easy to operate and easy to maintain. There is no mechanical moving parts in the drying oven, which is not maintained daily. Continuous operation, high efficiency, large output. The drying coal rod is used in a large fertilizer plant, and the good results are obtained: in the gas furnace, the water drops to about 3%, and the gas production volume is obviously increased. A lot of saving manpower, reduce labor intensity; The site has been saved and production has been expanded.

Vertical cylinder vertical dryer, vertical kiln, also known as vertical dryer, is used in the design of the coal ball and the ball ball pill and design, reasonable design, high thermal efficiency, good drying effect, adjustable air volume. Vertical dryer stood up, and the drying machine is flat, because the vertical drier and drier than more save a space, of course, dryer and drum drying machine is different, the dryer can also use the ability of drying machine production line, with vertical dryer is an important part of the savings in the meeting.

The amount of water vapor in the compressed air is determined by the temperature of the compressed air, reduce the temperature of compressed air, reduce the water vapor content in compressed air, while maintaining a sharp compressed air pressure is constant, and the excess of water vapor condenses into liquid. Freeze dryer is the principle of drying compressed air using refrigeration technology. So the freezer has a refrigeration system. Freeze-drying refrigeration system is the four basic components of compression refrigeration, refrigeration compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve. They connect through pipes to form a closed system where refrigerants continue to flow, state changes, compressed air and cooling medium for heat exchange. Compressed air dryer also has adsorption dryer and lysis dryer.

In the refrigeration system of freeze-drying machine, evaporator is a kind of device for conveying cooling capacity. The refrigerant absorbs the heat of compressed air to achieve the purpose of dehydration and drying. The compressor is the heart, exerts the function of absorption, compression and conveying refrigerant vapour. A condenser is a device that releases heat into the evaporator together with the heat of the compressor