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Vertical Drier Ubiquitous
- May 10, 2017 -

Vertical Drier is the face of the current briquette drying furnace prevalence of large investment, large area of the case of high failure rate, for industrial briquette drying characteristics, the use of low air volume and gravity principle, the R & D design, industrialization Testing, product upgrading, put into operation a large number of stages, which lasted several years and successful products.

 Its advantages are small investment, good effect, the use of small footprint, no wear and running, drying effect is superior, the most suitable for large and medium-sized production line supporting the ideal equipment.

Its structure is: the fan part, the drying part, the material out of the material, the furnace through the hot air duct to the hot air into the gap in the briquettes, high temperature hot air and the exchange of coal during the removal of water, Down, under the action of the center of gravity to fall into the middle of the following that is about 2% of the water content.

This machine is suitable for briquette, coke powder ball,Vertical Drier  brown non-ferrous metal mineral powder, pellet drying and dehydration, vertical dryer in the chemical industry gas briquette drying, metallurgical materials made after the ball block drying, direct smelting, the effect prominent

China has now produced a growing variety of dryer, vertical dryer equipment applications continue to expand, dryer product level and quality is increasing, the domestic dryer equipment market competitiveness is also gradually increased. In particular, in recent years, China's government has introduced support for environmental protection and energy-saving dryer products, the relevant policies for domestic drying equipment manufacturers to create an excellent external conditions, which show that the current dryer market development prospects.

With the adjustment of the coal industry structure, its industrial concentration will be to the development of high efficiency and specialization, briquette equipment supporting vertical dryer to promote coal efficiency benefits, energy saving, environmental protection and so on are of great significance. In recent years, briquette production technology more and more attention by the government, vertical dryer in the briquette production market by consumers unanimously respected. Vertical Drier  machine to achieve briquette production process harmless, resource and industrialization, Central Asia vertical dryer equipment is compact, advanced technology, low energy consumption, small footprint, good operating environment, vertical drying Machine zero pollution has been favored by users.

The win-win situation in the development of the times makes many problems to be considered in many ways. The current vertical dryer market demand gradually increased driven vertical dryer sales growth, vertical dryer manufacturers should increase the scientific research efforts to improve production efficiency, so that coal enterprises to benefit more to really get the so-called win-win The For the vertical dryer production scale and briquette drying program design needs according to the characteristics of raw materials, site conditions, briquette pressure ball machine equipment production line automation and other conditions to develop.

Vertical dryer operation of the heat needs to be timely and efficient use can be more efficient drying materials, vertical dryer heat can not be taken away in time or poor circulation will have the impact of the entire dryer system, And to increase the operating costs of coal producers.

But also hope that the vertical dryer users can put a long way to go, in the selection of coal pressure ball machine equipment dryer to consider cost-effective and advanced technology and other requirements, so as to get more long-term development and high profits.

Vertical Dryer Maintenance Method: 1. Day Maintenance ① Use a soft cotton cloth every day to wipe the equipment to keep the appearance clean. ② Check the air supply three times a day before the start, when the oil level is insufficient to add lubricating oil, and the water discharge. ③ clean up the dust box every day to ensure a good ventilation, so that equipment to play the best drying effect. 2. Monthly maintenance ① Open the rear cover and clean the inside of the machine with a soft cotton cloth. Dryer picture (2 photos) ② bearing and other sports parts filled with lubricants to reduce friction. ③ check the belt tension, adjust the pulley. ④ After the vibration is likely to cause loose and fall off the parts, including electrical lines, the door of the rocker, pipe joints and other solid. 3. Annual maintenance ① Check whether the fixing bolts of the stand are loose and strong. ② check the support spring connection tension and adjust the line. ③ Check the grounding of the equipment and ensure reliable. ④ check the computer board control, wind wheel, heat exchanger flexibility. ⑤ on the equipment on the thermometer and other equipment to send the local technical supervision of measurement.