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High speed spray drier

  • High-efficiency High-speed Screw Type Rotary Flash Drier

    High-efficiency High-speed Screw Type Rotary Flash DrierPrinciple: Hot air enters through the inlet pipe into annular space at the bottom of drying chamber and rises spirally; meanwhile, material is added by the feeder into the tower in fixed quantity for full heat exchange with hot air; under the action of mixer, large and wet materials are cracked...Read More

  • High-performance Vacuum Rake/freezing/spray Drier

    High-performance Vacuum Rake/freezing/spray DrierThe vacuum rake drier is a heat transfer drier by conduction, where material is not in direct contact with heating medium. This machine is used for drying small amount of muddy and paste materials with moisture content 15%~90% that are not resistant to high temperature and subject to oxidation....Read More

  • Air Flow Spray Drier for Industrial Laboratory

    Air Flow Spray Drier for Industrial LaboratoryAir flow drier utilizes high-speed hot air flow to suspend green starch inside. It is featured as high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time. Air flow drying is also called "flash drying", which is an applicable of dilute-phase conveying in solid...Read More